MacBook Inferno

3am last night. I woke up to my housemate screaming (yelling "Matty!") and the dog barking. As I was running I saw a fire. At first I thought that the lamp had fallen and set fire to the curtain. As I got closer I realised it was my mac book .... burning!

Update: Apples service has been fantastic. They are replacing the laptop with a aluminium case macbook pro and will probably compensate for property damage where appropriate. Someone is coming to my house tonight to collect the damaged unit. That way they can quickly assess what has happend and take appropriate action. To initiate a recall, they first need to know what caused the incident.

I have to say, I am really please with the way this issue has been dealt with. Kudos to the Australian Apple team, they have made me feel like a properly cared for customer - a rare thing for big corporations these days.

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