EyeTV Developer Yanks License from Miglia

From Macworld

Elgato Systems has announced it has “terminated the licensing agreement” between itself and Miglia Technology. With the agreement terminated, Miglia can no longer ship, sell or advertise TV tuner hardware bundled with EyeTV, according to Elgato.

EyeTV is Elgato’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) software for Mac OS X. It enables devices such as Miglia’s to work with the Mac, viewing and recording television programs. Elgato also sells its own line of EyeTV-branded hardware interfaces that come bundled with the EyeTV software.

End users that have purchased hardware from Miglia already bundled with EyeTV can continue to count on Elgato for support, confirmed Lars Felber, Elgato spokesman. “It’s not the customer’s fault that the licensing agreement between Miglia and Elgato has ended,” said Felber.

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