TrueDisc Announces Software for Damage Resistant Optical Media

From MacObserver

TrueDisc announced the availability of their TrueDisc mastering software that creates archival quality CD-Rs and DVDs. Files burned with TrueDisc can sustain disc damage as high as 90% and retain the original file, according to TrueDisc's Erich Ocean.

"TrueDisc burns standard files to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+R Double Layer in a special damage-resistant format. These files, called "master copies", can be read back off the disc by the TrueDisc software. If disc damage prevents some of the file from being read, TrueDisc automatically uses patent-pending algorithms to reconstruct the missing data. This allows TrueDisc to restore the original file even when the disc is damaged due to age or abuse," the announcement said.

TrueDisc is available immediately and requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later. It is priced at US$89, however there is currently an introductory price of US$52.

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Didn't Stuffit have at one

Didn't Stuffit have at one point an option to do something similar, so that damaged files would still retain their full data?

At least with that format, you only needed to buy Stuffit Deluxe to create such damage resistant files, and use the free Stuffit Expander to open up the file.

Then again it looks like that option isn't in the current version of Stuffit Deluxe. It must have been an licensed technology that they felt wasn't worth it anymore. ( Or my memory is all messed up. )

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