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Hi Shawn -

We've taken another look at how we price our subscription products, particularly with regard to shows we offer that are also being podcast, in their entirety, for free.

We've decided to lower prices on those shows (including YML). Going forward, we're charging 95 cents an episode. We've also lowered the 1-month subscription price to $3.95 and the annual subscription price to $19.95.

We believe we have a fair number of customers who are still willing to pay for the convenience of having shows delivered via Audible even though they can get the same shows free elsewhere. But we feel the price we charge needs to be lower than it has been.

Regards -

Steve Feldberg
Director, Content

(Shawn's Comment: This can be good *and* bad for Your Mac Life. But it will be nothing but good for our listeners! Click here to get in on the savings!)

Are they going to change the

Are they going to change the UK pricing? It is still £20 over here, so roughly twice the price. Now if you want to do a 6 hour UK only version that would be value :-)

Best wishes


I'm still on the legacy

I'm still on the legacy audible lister plan so i pay 9.99 a month and get a months subscribtion and 1 audiobook a month. So i'm going to stick around for a while longer.

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Audible says that, most

Audible says that, most likely, yes. They have to handle pricing at foreign stores separately, so it will take a little while longer.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

I almost feel guilty

With my annual plan, it is half price. So I only pay $9.90 per year!

And thank goodness I just checked. No show this week - panic attack starting to happen - checked web site, looks normal!!!!

Subscription expired (and fixed). I wish their notifications would work (used to). And this weeks show is now downloading - big relief :)

Audible V Other subscription?

All right, I love you guys and am finally willing to pay (what can I say, I'm cheap and have just been listening to the stream since before Shawn met Leesa (I think - anyway, it's been a LONG time). Is there any way I could just give you the $20 and directly download the file weekly? I don't even need to have it work automatically. I'm enough of a geek to figure it out.


Just like with my Harleys, if you have to ask why I use Macs, you probably wouldn't understand.

Unfortunately, no. That's

Unfortunately, no. That's part of the deal we have with But why wouldn't you want to go through You get the show and more for the same $20.00.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

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