Upgrade Your WiFi to the Nth Degree... at Your Own Risk

From MacMerc

QuickerTek has just announced the availability of 802.11n wireless upgrade cards for Apple, Intel MacBook, Intel MacBook Pro models and Intel iMacs. Users can choose to buy the card and install it themselves for $149 USD, or send their computer to QuickerTek to have the card installed for only USD$199.

The latest 802.11n wireless network gear just announced by Apple has left many users lagging in wireless performance options. This new upgrade for QuickerTek customers allows MacBook and iMac users to stay current with the benefits of the fastest wireless. These wireless networking cards are made to the same specifications as the Apple factory cards and install into the AirPort card slot. They work with all 802.11/b/g/n WiFi equipment including Apple AirPort, AirPort Extreme and the latest 802.11n version of AirPort Extreme introduced at Macworld Expo.

The user-installed upgrade option includes the 802.11n upgrade card, tools and illustrated installation manual--everything needed to complete the upgrade at home. It should be noted that Apple has recently let it be known that Airport card installation is not a Do-It-Yourself procedure and that installing your own wireless card will void your warranty.

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