Hello, I'm a Mac and Bill's a PC

From The Huffington Post

By now you've seen, no doubt many times, Apple's most recent Get a Mac commercial, in which poor PC can not get a word in (or out) without first clearing it (Cancel or allow?) through his grim, Secret-Service-style security agent. If for some reason you haven't seen it -- your television and your computer have been broken for the past month, perhaps, or you've just returned from keeping vigil at the morgue where Anna Nicole Smith has been slowly decomposing -- you can see it here.

And you should see it, because it's the best of the series so far.

Much has been made of the notion that, at first glance, Mac and PC bear a more than passing resemblance to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And maybe that's what really bugs Mr. Gates about the commercials. Maybe he's not bothered by how they may hurt the feelings of 90 percent of computer users; maybe he's bothered by how they hurt his own.

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