Apple to Hold Special Event at NAB

From Macworld

Apple will hold a special event at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show on Sunday, April 15. While no details were available on what, if anything, will be announced at the event, Apple has used such events in the past to launch significant product releases.

In 2005, the company used an event at NAB to launch Final Cut Studio and Soundtrack Pro. A similar event was used to launch Motion in Las Vegas.

Apple will also have a large booth at the show.

(Shawn's Comment: What do you think Apple will announce? New Final Cut Pro? New hardware?)

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I think it will have to do

I think it will have to do with distribution of media, quite possibly with an Apple TV / iTunes / iPod tie in.

Final Cut Studio featuring

Final Cut Studio featuring FCP6, Shake or as I like to call it Super Shake and New form factor Pro towers with 8 cores. And More!

FCP 6 is a given but exactly

FCP 6 is a given but exactly what that will be remains to be seen. Better media management is almost a must have. Final Touch color correction a strong possibility if they've had time to build it in. It MUST have the ability to mix formats and resolutions in one timeline or there will be people jumping ship. "Super" Shake.... I don't think they've had time to build that one yet. There's always the long rumored Final Cut Extreme. What ever it is they've had a long time to build FCP 6 so it better rock and it better address some of those long standing issues with FCP that should've been fixed long ago.

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