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MacFixit & CNET

Well, MacFixit has joined CNET. As I've always felt that CNET was very Windows-biased to the point of almost seeming like a shill for Microsoft and MacFixit is such an important site to the Mac community, it will be interesting as to how MacFixit is affected over time. ...Shawn, it would be great to hear an interview with someone from MacFixit as well as CNET. I'd like to hear how both sides are approaching this merger, if that's what it is.

"MacFixit is such an

"MacFixit is such an important site to the Mac community"

I would disagree with that sentiment. I think MacFixIt has been, for a long time, a site that just posts "problems" that are either non-existent or can cause problems themselves.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life


Interesting comment, but while I wouldn't totally disagree, I wouldn't say it the way you phrased. MacFixit, after all, is a technical problem-solving website.

The Home Page is about topical, technical issues. And it's the Home Page where I tend to agree with your comment since many of the MacFixit "advisories" (based upon reader email) are unsubstantiated. I've always taken those advisories with a very skeptical view. However, the MacFixit staff (including, Ted Landau) problem-solving offerings, on the Home Page, have pretty much, IMHO, been based upon substantiation and as result, helpful.

The Forum is where I've felt the site is really helpful. I've been using Macs since 1994 and sometime thereafter (don't precisely remember when), I began posting inquiries to technical questions and issues in the Forum. (Fortunately, I've not had to do that much posting, as I've not experienced major issues with any of the 5 Macs I've used.) I've found there's a certain group of responders that are very knowledgeable and generous with their offering of assistance. My own posting-experience has been that I've been provided a helpful trouble-shooting step or an accurate resolution. Having said that, however, I also know that there are many, many posts that are from users who just don't have a bloody clue, which is evidenced by very poor problem description and minimal detail about the system being used. Consequently, many posts (which are also bitching about something or another) give the appearance there's a software / hardware issue when its principally stupid stuff the user has done to their Mac.

So, maybe my use of "important site" overstates my sentiment about MacFixit. But, I do think the MacFixit Forum plays a vital role to the Mac community by providing a place where good, free assistance on Mac technical issues can be obtained. I've also learned a lot (I'm not a technician) just by reading many of the topical threads. As result, I'm a bit addicted to visiting the site regularly just to check out the Forum. ...It's really the same mindset I have about listening to your archived YML Show on Saturday mornings. ...I feel I'm part of an interesting, helpful, interactive Mac community.

"many of the MacFixit

"many of the MacFixit "advisories" (based upon reader email) are unsubstantiated..."

Yup - that's my biggest beef with MacFixIt. They have a Chicken Little approach and it winds up costing people time and energy where their audience would be better served if they substantiated those issues before reporting on them.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

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