After Marketing Effort, RED Delivers $11.3M


The RED charity brand from the Global Fund has reported that they have raised a total of $11.3 million in contributions in the year that it has launched. 2006 witnessed a huge marketing push which leveraged partners including Nike, GAP and American Express. The charity itself spent less than a million dollars, the LA Times reports but assume the advertising spend by the partners to have been massive.

All the marketing activity behind RED made you aware of the brand, not the underlying message of plight in Africa. If the combined marketing activity raised only $11 million and no one has been left better educated about African concerns, wouldn't it have been better to have just redirected the ad budget straight into the charity?

(Shawn's Comment: Have you bought any (RED) products?)

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Yes, a (RED) Nano ... but

Yes, a (RED) Nano ... but sadly mostly becouse of the cool color, not the good cause ...


LOL Me too. :) -- Shawn

LOL Me too. :)
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
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red nano

Me three. Mine just came this week. Call me crazy, but I do notice a difference in sound quality over my old, well-loved, daily-used black nano. And the battery life is awesome. I've been listening to you guys on it this afternoon out walking the dog.
Ruth in Maine

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