Unlock the iPhone!

Apple has signed a 2 year agreement to exclusivity with Cingular Wireless and the iPhone. As it stands now Cingular is the sole distrubtor of the iPhone and it will be locked to their network. What does this mean to you and me?

This device has a lot of cool potential and limiting it to a small group of people is uncool.

(Shawn's Comment: "limiting it to a small group of people is uncool"? At last count, Cingular had over 50 *million* subscribers. Not exactly a "small group")

Give us a choice of carriers and let the best service win.

(Shawn's Comment: Why? Where is it written you have a right to "the best service"? Who says you have a right to "choice"? Remember, the Constitution says you have the right to the *pursuit* of happiness. You have no right to happiness itself. :) )

Come on Apple, we're friends of yours!

(Shawn's Comment: OK...if you're "friends" with Apple then you'll completely understand why your "friend" has made this decision and, like a good friend, you'll accept them and still be friends with them......See how that "friends" crap breaks down very quickly?)

All cell phones on the market today can be had for a fraction of their actual retail cost.

(Shawn's Comment: That's true. And how stupid is that from a manufacturer's point of view? But it's called "Capitalism" for a reason. People buy things at the price the market will bear. If Apple can afford to sell the iPhone at $500+, God bless them.)

So for the full retail cost we STILL don't get to make a choice.

(Shawn's Comment: Yes you do. You can choose to play by Apple's rules or not)

Apple has always been about offering a choice to consumers, can that remain true now?

(Shawn's Comment: No, they haven't. Apple has always been about offering an *alternative*. "Choice" has little to do with it)

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