UK Apple Resellers Report Steady Sales

From Macworld UK

Apple continues to experience strong demand for all its products in the UK, with strong iPod sales across all models and some products are in short supply. Resellers here report short availability of the entry-level 1.66Mhz Mac mini and iLife '06.

iPod sales remain strong, with an astonishing 120,000+ sales of full-size iPods (combining 30GB and 60GB black and white models) reported across the UK so far during the current quarter, it has been claimed. iPod nano sales are even stronger, with close to 200,000 units sold so far this quarter, Macworld has learned. iPod shuffle sales also appear very strong, with an estimated 140,000 units sold so far in the UK.

This demanding market means that in the UK it appears demand for Apple's music players currently exceeds supply, a trend which denies claims in some quarters that the market is becoming saturated.

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