Apple's Best Buy Pilot: Still Evaluating

From ifoAppleStore

Apple is still evaluating the results of a sales trial with electronics retailer Best Buy, and is considering a pilot with Circuit City to sell Apple products, according to chief operating officer Tim Cook, speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium in Las Vegas. “We are thrilled with the retail stores. We could not be happier,” Cook told the crowd. He said Apple would open 35 to 40 stores this fiscal year, and confirmed for the first time future stores in Rome (Italy) and Sydney (Australia).

Cook said the pilot program with Best Buy was a success, and it was expanded from a handful of stores to 50. Apple is now evaluating that trial to decided how to proceed. Cook would only say that Apple is evaluating the possibility of a sales agreement with Circuit City.

In response to a question about the slower sales growth at the retail stores in the latest quarter, Cook said the Apple was focusing its energy on the “broader channel” by working with resellers more closely, and keeping them stocked. That process shifted revenue from the Apple stores to the channel, he explained.

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