SXSW: Where have All the Macs Gone?


A year ago, at the 2006 South by Southwest festival, I noted with a bit of a twinkle in my eye that one way to know the conference was the coolest place on Earth was by press rooms. The standard province of broken down Wintel desktops had been had been blessed with gleaming new MacBook Pro laptops. And we all know, don't we, that where there are Macs, the cool and hip factors are higher.

So how cool is that, I thought?

At SXSW 2007, however, the coordinators of the pressroom apparently decided that cool was out. How do I know? Instead of shiny new Macs, there aren't even faded old Macs. Rather, the pressroom has 10 seemingly new Dell laptops.

Why? Who knows.

(Shawn's Comment:'re a *reporter*.....covering SXSW....why don't you...oh...I don't know....GO FIND OUT!? Or use common sense. How much do you want to bet that Dell either charged less for the machines than Apple or donated them outright to the conference? How about you go do some reporting instead about carping on the computers in the press room?)

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