Paul Thurrott's Merciless Attack on Artie MacStrawman

From Roughly Drafted

Passing up an opportunity to comment on a Paul Thurrott rant is like driving past paramedics at the scene of an accident. I know I should just keep driving and not hold up traffic, but there's an instinctive need to find out how truly awful things are and to determine what could have happened to cause such a disaster.

Thurrott has every right to publish his negative opinion about all things Apple. He has skipped no opportunity to exercise that right over the last decade, establishing himself alongside other Microsoft-financed luminaries such as Rob Enderle.

If Thurrott and Enderle were just screaming their anti-Apple screeds into the void of Usenet, it wouldn't be worth mentioning. However, both have wormed their way through the last decade leaving behind a frequent piles of regurgitated anti-Apple bile, making a career out of preaching a Microsoft-only doctrine and spreading fear and mistrust for any possible alternatives, and both have done so pretending to be impartial observers.

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