1st iPhone Ad Premieres, Sucks

From Wired

...Apple aired its first iPhone commercial during the Oscars. It's basically just famous clips of actors saying "Hello" in TV and movie classics. Then there's an iPhone. Then it says "Hello" in white text on black. And that's it. It might well be the perfect Oscars ad, incestuous as it is. But it's already passed its expiration date. It's instantly irrelevant. And they could have at least used the Mac saying "Hello" at some point."

I think this is a misstep. It might work for the Oscars, but as a launch, it's a mistake.

(Shawn's Comment: Anyone else think Kahney may have missed the point of the ad?)

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It was a teaser

Wow, where do these people come from and why are they not paying attention to what they are writing about.
Try thinking first then writing. It was a teaser ad to start iPhone buzz.

teaser |ˈtēzər|• a short introductory advertisement for a product, esp. one that does not mention the details of the thing being advertised.

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