As many of you know, we live in a small "village" called Rosedale which itself is outside a small town called Chilliwack which is east of the city of Vancouver.

What that all means is, getting to Vancouver is a bit of a trek, usually an hour to the city limits from here.

But today, we need to go to the airport to drop someone off and that means (because Vancouver has no direct highway link to the airport) the trip will take at least 90+ minutes - and even that assumes there will be no traffic. And this is Vancouver - THERE'S ALWAYS TRAFFIC.

Worse, the return trip to Rosedale will be right in the heart of the rush hour - not only in the city proper but on the Trans-Canada highway, too. It likely means a minimum 2 hour trip back home.

So there's ZERO CHANCE of us getting back in time to do a Your Mac Life show this evening.