Apple's "disappointing" weekend iPad sales numbers. How many Surface tablets were sold, Microsoft?

This morning, Apple announced they had sold three million of the Wi-Fi only models of the new iPad mini & fourth generation iPad.

And the Tech Media immediately started whining about it.

The first and only question they to want to ask is, "How many exactly of each model did Apple sell?" But Apple rarely if ever breaks out sales numbers by specific model and, if they did, the media would then ask, "How many white? How many 16GB? How many white, 16GB iPad minis to women with 2.5 children and a poodle?"

Apple considers all iPads to be just that - iPads. No differentiation.

Note how conveniently the tech media ignores the fact that Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Samsung and RIM rarely, if ever, report their sales numbers. As usual, they hold Apple to different standards than they hold other tech companies.