"I’ve had it on my first home screen for weeks now..."

"I’ve had it on my first home screen for weeks now..."

Developers sell their children for that kind of recommendation from Daring Fireball's John Gruber. While it's not a selling point for me, I'm certainly going to check out what he's talking about if it has some relevance.

In this case, he's talking about a new iOS app called "Watercooler". I went to their web site to see its feature set and see this:

In order to help you make an informed decision, note that there are a few things Watercooler does not support at this point in time:
No push notifications.
No direct messages.
No searching all posts for keywords.
No support for Twitter lists.

it's unlikely that push notifications or direct messages will be supported on Twitter in the near future.

Wait....what? It doesn't do those things? I had no idea Gruber didn't need, want or care about those features.

For me, they are essential. This app not only won't ever be on my iPhone's home screen, I have no intention of ever paying $5 for such a crippled app.