Apple studies Patent Infringement Claims by Lodsys

Apple's legal department is understood to be "actively investigating" claims by Lodsys, a patent holding company based in Texas, to have a claim against iPhone and iPad developers who use in-app purchase systems.

So far Lodsys has served papers on about a dozen iOS developers who it says are infringing its patent 10/732,102, which it bought in 2004 from the inventor, who filed it in the 1990s, covering user interaction over a network.

Apple is not expected to respond to the claims, which have been passed to it by affected developers, until later this week.

re: Lodsys

As an update, Apple has filed a motion to intervene as an indispensable party, which will allow Apple to actively participate in the patent infringement action filed by Lodsys. Apple's actions are not surprising since they understand that the need to defend their app developers who generate large revenue for Apple. Also, if true that Apple has a standing license agreement with Lodsys, it bodes well for Apple that it can carry a strong argument that all of its app developers are also covered under the same license agreement.

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