YML's Sunday Night Oscar Party!

What are you up to on Sunday night? Are you a fan of the Academy Awards broadcast? Why not join Your Mac Life for an Oscars Party!

We've always been huge fans of movies and the Academy Awards here at YML and would love to get together to do it again this Sunday - and you're invited!

No need to dress up in black tie and designer dresses - just sit down with your computer, iPad or iPhone and your TV during the broadcast and join us in the YML Internet Relay Chat Room (irc.chat-solutions.org in the #yourmaclife channel) or go to the YML Virtual Studio and join the IRC from there.

The Oscars telecast begins with the red carpet show on Sunday at 4pm PT/7pm ET. The Awards show starts up an hour later. But wait - there's more!

For our US based listeners, there is a 99 cent iPhone or iPad app, the Oscar Backstage Pass, that promises to really expand your enjoyment of the broadcast in some very interesting ways.

For everyone, you can go to the Oscars Nomination page and make your picks and see how you do against Shawn and Sly! :)

So - bring along your favorite adult beverages, get into your comfy chair and join us for the 83rd Academy Awards!

Should have done this for

Should have done this for the Daytona 500! : )

• ~ ~ ~ • I left my heart in San Francisco.....among the Macs & Margaritas • ~ ~ ~ •

LOL I didn't think of it for

LOL I didn't think of it for that and, to be honest, there really isn't that much interest in sports among the YML geeks. :)
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

Yeah, I heard that on the

Yeah, I heard that on the last show: "The WHAT?" Heehehe.
I got interested in racing when my sister's band was invited to play on the Speed Stage for Saturday night entertainment at Watkins Glen, back in '05 & '06. We got free Pit Passes and a camping spot. I was surprised, it was a lot of fun and I got hooked. Which I'm OK with that now that they aren't sponsored by tobacco companies. And the drivers now are mostly the classier Formula 1/Indy style guys these days, which is cool. In fact there are Formula 1/Indy drivers who've switched to NASCAR. Looks like Danica Patrick is next to jump ship.

You lived in the South for awhile so it's hard to ignore it down there, it's everywhere. NY draws a huge crowd though, even in these bad economic times. I went last year, we don't get seats, we walk all around the track parameter during the race to watch from different views, and since it's a road course, that's quite a fun hike.

• ~ ~ ~ • I left my heart in San Francisco.....among the Macs & Margaritas • ~ ~ ~ •

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