Mike Evangelist of CrashPlan

I talked to Mike Evangelist of CrashPlan.com. Do you do multiple backups in multiple locations? You know you should and CrashPlan has a easy way to back up to external drives, The Cloud and even to friends' computers!

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iTunes Rental Movies

HI, I am using Crashplan now for 2 Months and I have only backup maybe 30% now. I know the first Backup takes Time and I have no Problem with that. But the Big problem maybe I have is because I rent a lot of Movies from iTunes. A HD Rental Movie 5GB and one Movie is disappear in less then 30 days. If I have 15 Movies on the Drive Crashplan tries to Backup Files that don't be need to Backup. Would be nice if there is like the Select Backup File's, also a "Select Don't Backup File's(Folder)". So it would be easy to say Don't need Movies or VM-Ware Disk-images Backup.


@Ken Ishimoto

Ken, you can do exactly what you ask.

From within the File Selection window deselect the relevant subfolder.

CrashPlan does have folder selection

Ken Ishimoto - CrashPlan does have folder selection. In fact, I think by default it doesn't back up anything at all; you have to select some base folders to back up. In the Backup tab, there's a list of base directories in the Files section, and it has a Change button at the bottom. The Change button brings up a select-box treeview of the file system. From there, you can iteratively include a base folder, then exclude a subtree of that tree, and include a subtree of that excluded subtree, etc. That should be enough to exclude your iTunes movie cache directory.

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