Macworld Expo is Dead. Long Live Macworld Expo.

48 hours after Macworld Expo 2011 shut its doors, it's time to get some perspective on the show.

Problem is, what Macworld Expo is and was depends on your perspective. Click here to listen to what Shawn's perspective is on Macworld Expo 2011.

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Location, location, location

You made many excellent points Shawn. I miss Macworld immensely, but have not attended since Apple left but not BECAUSE Apple left. For many people not attending is not because of the quality of Macworld or lack of interest. There are other factors beyond the focus of the show room and classes.

For some, the dive in the economy just happened to coincide with the years after Apple left Macworld. That was the main cause that forced many of us or our companies to tighten their belts. Esp. those of us who suffered layoffs and jobless stretches for ourselves and/or our significant others as well. My company used to pay for a good portion of the trip. I do not have that luxury anymore and my new job pays thousands less than my old job, so I can't even fund myself. The whole economy thing especially hurts those of us far across the country on the East Coast—I would surely attend every year if I lived on the West Coast somewhere where an airline ticket didn't factor into the money too. Hard to justify that long and expensive trip if you don't at least stay more than 3 or 4 days, and that adds to the food and Hotel bill too.

If there was a Boston Macworld I would be there, I'd drive the 6 hours AND bring Kenny with me for the music classes, and Ryan for the gaming stuff (can't afford 3 of us to fly and attend in SF). Now that Apple isn't a factor in attending, and if Paul Kent is looking for a new marketing angle, maybe he should consider changing the West/East Coast location every other year. Snow is a factor here so maybe consider consistent April dates, which are better for travel with less likely snow delays (that goes for airplanes too). Make it as easy as possible for different people to attend. Maybe that would spur some fresh interest and attendees. As you say "Look at it with fresh eyes." Maybe Paul need to do that too.

Many on the East Coast have never been to a Macworld ever! I know people here who would love to. As for losing the SF dates every other year: as they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Every other year in San Francisco might draw a bigger crowd, ditto for Boston.

It's not about the quality of Macworld, it's about the money and the location for many.


• ~ ~ ~ • I left my heart in San Francisco.....among the Macs & Margaritas • ~ ~ ~ •

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