YML's Macworld Expo Meet Up!

Macworld Expo is just around the corner!

We love Expo here at Your Mac Life because we get to meet with a lot of great people. And to make it even easier to meet them, we put on a "meet up" at a pub in San Francisco.

The nice folks at Elgato, among others, are helping us put this one on. It will be at a "secret location" and invite only. We'll post more details later.

If you are a Macworld Expo Vendor, we'd love to have you involved! Contact us at "meetup [at] yourmaclifeshow [dot] com" for more details and sponsorship pricing.

not too late

Please don't post details too much later Shawn - I'm leaving Monday!
Will it be at the same pub as last year?

It will be Wednesday night

It will be Wednesday night and at a *different* pub than last time (I think). Email meetup [at] yourmaclifeshow [dot] com for details!

Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

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