Tonight's YML is cancelled! :(

Guess who forgot his ride to the new (temporary) Your Mac Life studios is presently sunning herself in beautiful Bermuda? :(

We'll be back on the air next Wednesday!

click here to read more 'postponed 24 hours

a.) two clicks on the read-more brought up the same page.
That's like the Round TUIT coin that says 'turn over (on both sides :)

b.) Shawn, i miss an average of two shows a month because i can't synchronize computer time and being 'its wednesday night.
Two weeks back i realized at 11 pm that i missed YML.

You know you can set a iCal

You know you can set a iCal reminder for the show, right? :)
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

I DO have a reminder set for every Wednesday...

... but that doesn't help when YOU are not where you are supposed to be!

Damn, I went in early today just so I could get off in time for the show. First time in weeks I could make it since you started stopping early and you're not there. Sheesh!

Very inconsiderate...

Dan in Murfreesboro
I swear by my Mac, not at it."™

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