Friends of YML Contest!

Every so often, we will offer software and hardware to lucky listeners. Entering our contests is easy - simply send an email to "contest at yourmaclifeshow dot com" with the subject line being the month of entry. We'll make it even easier for you - just FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. No purchase necessary!


For those of you who are supporting Your Mac Life not just by listening but also by subscribing to the show, we are making it even easier. Your subscription email serves as your entry form each month. And, even better, for every $2 of monthly subscription, you get an *additional* automatic entry form!

That means that every subscriber automatically gets two entries in each weekly contest drawing per month, even at the $2/month level. $5/month gets three entries, $10/month 6 entries, etc.

There's no guarantee that subscribers will win any given contest but your odds certainly get better!

We think this is a great way to reward all of our listeners but to really show our appreciation for those who make an extra effort to help us keep the show on the air and getting better.

Your Name so we can announce it on air

Your email address so we can contact you when you have won

Tell us where you are from. If USA or Canada, please use two-character postal abbreviation.