New Site, Breen, Curtis, Deatherage and Adams!

This week on Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology, The MacBU, RadTech, SmileOnMyMac and Circus Ponies - "New Site, Breen, Curtis, Deatherage and Adams!"

No video this evening but you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at:

You can also join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show - on the World Without Borders site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

Make sure you listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET, for the most fun you'll have listening to your Mac.

Tonight...on a Very Special Your Mac Life....We change domains! We are now located at Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Any time you need to move your web site means extra stress for all involved but Your Mac Life has managed it quite well, thanks to our very own Server Oompa-Loompah, Aaron Adams!

Aaron is a multi-talented guy. Not only is he a bang up server admin, he's also a bit of an astronomy buff and, with this Saturdays total eclipse of the moon, he'll be on to talk about how you can use your Mac to capture stunning photos of the eclipse.

Have you ever wanted to merge iTunes libraries, convert audiobooks to Audiobooks or redeeming foreign iTunes gift certificates? Well, Chris Breen of PlayListMag knows how and he'll be on the show to pass that knowledge on to you.

J Curtis of Griffin Technology has become quite the World Traveler recently. He's jetting off to mainland China, eaten boiled goat, haggled over the price of luggage and even watched a bar fight! Tune in tonight to find out why he goes through all of that.

Matt Deatherage of MacJournals will also be on tonight's show to give his perspective on what's been going on with Apple since the New Year began. What's been good, bad and indifferent? Matt tells all.

And finally, Peter Cohen will have "The Big Story".

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to Your Mac Life at "onair at".

Your Mac Life will also have copies of Toast 8 to give away on Wednesday evening's show and one lucky student will get a chance to win a brand new iPod shuffle in the color of their choice. Tune in to learn how.

Make sure you listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET, for the most fun you'll have listening to your Mac.

Tune in to find out why MacFormat UK named Your Mac Life one of the Top Ten Podcasts in the World!


The eclipse is next Saturday, March 3.

DOH! gives people

DOH! gives people plenty of time to run out and get all the stuff you're going to tell them about tonight. :)
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

New Site looks clean.

Other than having to create a new account, again... SWEET! This new site looks "cleaner" and easier to navigate.

Geek Hard, Geek Often!

Thanks! Aaron Adams is the

Thanks! Aaron Adams is the one who chose the SW for the new sight. I like the look, too!
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
Your Mac Life

youazaa! ... nice new site,

youazaa! ... nice new site, Drupal rocks :)


I agree. In one way, I'm

I agree. In one way, I'm glad we had a compelling reason to move away from Geeklog to Drupal. I wish the circumstances could have been different, but hey...

The New Mailing List

I heard you mention the new mailing list last night, but didn't catch the instructions on subscribing.
Until I get a chance to listen to my Audible archive, could you tell me where the info might be on the website?

Dan in Murfreesboro
"I swear by my Mac, not at it."™

New list

right here:

Shawn should put a link somewhere in the sidebars.

YLM Stream Chooser

...Uhmmm. Now the new web site is up, it would terrific to get Jay to update the YML Stream Chooser (both the Widget & App).

YML Chooser

There's been no mention or post yet (by YML's fearless Leader - that's you, Shawn ...or, is it Lesa) about an update to the YML Chooser. ...I remain hopeful such will happen; maybe, when J visits CT. Cheers.

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