The iPhone: Mac or iPod?

From Fox News

The Apple iPhone will change the way people use their cell phones. The question is, will it be the new Mac or the new iPod?

Apple has innovated like this twice before, to very different results.

The Mac introduced mainstream users to mice, icons, windows, and menus. It inspired Microsoft's Windows operating system and pushed the entire PC industry into the GUI world. Yet it has relatively little market share. The iPod, on the other hand, has owned the MP3-player market from the moment it became Windows-compatible.

But I think the iPhone will be more of a Mac: a cult item that will influence, rather than dominate, its industry.

Why? The biggest reason is that devil's bargain with Cingular.

(Shawn's Comment: Interesting thought. I disagree that it will be "Cingular's fault" but the point still stands. Will the iPhone affect the consumers like the iPod or like the Mac? Hugely popular or clut-like? Only time will tell))

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