Emerging Media: The Big Apple

From StreamingMedia

When I was coming up in the industry, Microsoft was the 800 lb gorilla that was going to eat your lunch. The oft-repeated refrain I’ve heard from too many VC’s is “what makes you think those guys at Redmond won’t just clone what you’ve made?”

Well, it seems like Apple’s the new monster (perhaps Godzilla in this case?) that will eat your lunch. Thought of making a digital convergence phone? Apple’s got that one covered, thanks. Thought of bringing digital assets into the living room? Why bother, that’s Apple’s territory (never mind the millions of digitally connected Xboxes in market).

Next time you’re writing your business plan for how you’re going to take out old media with your revolutionary digital technology, perhaps take a play from Apple’s book. Don’t gird your loins for a fight with the other bit players (pun intended); look at what it’s going to take to displace the brick-and-mortars, the ancient, grooved-in distribution channels that have been pushing product forever.

Oh, and pick a category Apple hasn’t already taken.

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