Apple Update Addresses Security, DST

From Macworld

Apple released nine software updates that make adjustments for new Daylight Saving Time, address issues during two security researchers’ self-proclaimed “Month of Apple Bugs,” and fix bugs in Final Cut Pro. The fixes are available now via Mac OS X’s built-in Software Update utility.

Five of the updates released Thursday cover new Daylight Saving Time rules put into place for 2007. Beginning in 2007, North American Daylight Saving Time will begin on the second Sunday in March and conclude on the first Sunday in November. Previously, Daylight Saving Time began on the first Sunday in April and concluded on the last Sunday in October.

The current version of Mac OS X was updated to follow those time-change rules as a part of the OS X 10.4.5 update. However, that update did not cover changes in Daylight Saving Time in other regions, including Alberta (Canada), Australia, and Brazil. The new Daylight Saving Time Update (Tiger) adds compatibility with those regions.

Apple also released two Java updates to add compatibility with new Daylight Saving Time rules, one for Mac OS X 10.3 and one for Mac OS X 10.4. Finally, a WebObjects 5.3.3 Update updates Apple’s WebObjects web-application software to be compatible with the new time guidelines.

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