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RadTech Announces Acclaro, ProCable and RetractCable for iPod shuffle

RadTech™, makers of digital lifestyle accessories and more, today announces the immediate availability of new accessories for the Apple second-generation iPod shuffle in the company’s Acclaro, ProCable and RetractCable product lines.

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New Travel Kits let You Charge iPod Anywhere

From PlayList

Griffin Technology has announced it’s shipping the redesigned PowerBlock Travel and the PowerDuo Travel, two kits used to juice up the iPod.

The $34.99 PowerBlock Travel is a USB adapter that’s compatible with iPods, iPod minis, iPod nanos and iPod shuffles. It features a modular power connector and a series of plugs that work with international AC outlets — included are three-pin “type g” plugs used in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore; two-pin adapter for use throughout continental Europe; angled two-pint Australia/New Zealand-style connector; and twin flat-blade adapter as is used in the United States and Japan. The kit also includes a Griffin dock connector cable to plug in your dock connector-equipped iPod. It handles all voltages from 110 to 240V AC.

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SmileonMyMac Promo!

Bryan Leonard asked and SmileOnMyMac.com came through!

Of course, we cannot be outdone by our good friends at RadTech, so here you go:


I've set up a 20% discount off all SmileOnMyMac software. The discount will expire April 12, 2007. (As noted on the web page, it doesn't apply to upgrades, Productivity Suite, Family Packs and Template Packs.)



Griffin Ships iTrip for 2G nano

From PlayList

iPod accessory-maker Griffin Technology on Friday began shipping its popular iTrip FM transmitter for the second generation iPod nano.

The new iTrip has been redesigned to “fit the sleek lines” of the new iPod nano. The iTrip allows users to play their iPod music through the car stereo or home stereo system. Among its other features the iTrip has DistortionFree technology, which provides automatic volume adjustment for the cleanest possible sound.

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RadTech Discounts!

Our friends at RadTech are offering a 15% off discount to all of our listeners on all of their products!

Just go to their web site, select from among their great products and enter this code:
YMLRTS07 (that's zero-seven)

during checkout. Thanks to RadTech and thanks to you guys for supporting us by supporting them!

SmileOnMyMac Releases BrowseBack Update

From Macworld

Macintosh utility-maker SmileOnMyMac on Wednesday released an update for BrowseBack, the company’s web history visualization tool. The update features better interaction with system sleep and logout and reduced resource use while loading web pages. Improvements have also been made to the automatic pruning of old BrowseBack files. BrowseBack stores a PDF of every web page visited and makes the pages accessible through an interface that allows the user to browse thumbnails of those pages. The free update is available for registered users.

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TuneFlex Aux Features Auxiliary Line In

From PlayList

Griffin Technology has upgraded its TuneFlex — a flexible auto charging cradle for the iPod — with an auxiliary-in cable. The cable is designed to connect to new cars that feature an auxiliary in connection to accommodate iPods and other devices. It costs $49.99.

TuneFlex plugs into your car’s 12V accessory jack or cigarette lighter and mounts the iPod or iPod nano on the end of a flexible gooseneck stalk. A light at the base of the TuneFlex’s neck shows power status. A built-in 1/8th-inch stereo line-out audio jack connects the TuneFlex Aux directly to the car stereo’s auxiliary input.

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Griffin Radio Shark 2 - Like a Radio DVR

From Gizmodo

Except for the fact that it looks like a shark fin, which has little to no relevance to the actual product. The Radio Shark 2 is an upgrade to Griffin's almost three-year-old Radio Shark 1. The Shark 2 plugs into a Mac or PC via USB and can then time-shift and record live AM or FM radio. This one is a bit better than the original because you have more customizable schedule recording features. It also is now compatible with iTunes and can handle Internet radio. The Radio Shark 2 is available for $50. (Psst...HD Radio users, a Radio Shark HD is on the way.)

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SmileOnMyMac Updates TextExpander

From Macworld

SmileOnMyMac has released an update for its typing utility, TextExpander. The new version — 1.4.2 — fixes problem saving when “Use additional snippets” is checked. TextExpander is a utility that allows users to define abbreviations for often used text strings and images. SmileOnMyMac also provides a free auto-correct file that TextExpander will use to automatically correct over 100 common misspellings. The utility will also import from similar applications like Textpander, TypeIt4Me (v2 & 3) and Typinator.

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Griffin Technlogy's Spring Sale

Outfit any iPod or MP3 player with cases and accessories during the Spring Sale at Griffin Technology. Also get deals on wireless audio kits, bundles, and auto convenience kits.

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SmileOnMyMac Releases DiscLabel 4.1.2

From MacMinute

SmileOnMyMac today released DiscLabel 4.1.2, the latest version of its award-winning CD/DVD label design software for the Mac. Changes in this release include: rotate via grab handle; contextual menu on design element list in Edit; preference to rasterize printing output; and minor fixes and improvements. DiscLabel 4.1.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and is priced at US$32.95.

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