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Twelve South's Curve for MacBook Giveaway!

I've always been a fan of the product line from the nice folks at Twelve South. Always well designed and clever accessories.

They going to be giving away two of their latest product, the Curve for MacBook.

On Your Mac Life! You can enter to win at the Friends of YML Contest! Entry Form at the top of this page or you can become a subscriber to Your Mac Life and be automatically entered for every contest each month. You can subscribe via the link at the upper left of this page.

Good luck!

TextExpander adds New HTML/CSS Snippet Group

Smile Software announced the immediate availability of TextExpander 3.2.4 for Mac OS X on Tuesday. The update for the text shortcut auto-expander added a new set of HTML and CSS code snippets that support auto-filling multiple variables.

The new snippet group lets users enter HTML tag attributes and CSS definitions as the abbreviations expand into complete tags, and users can now control the display font setting as well.

TextExpander for the Mac is priced at US$34.95 and is available for download at the Smile Software Web site. The update is free for version 3 users.

Circus Ponies Notebook - The Best App for Taking Notes on iPad

NoteBook is the best app for taking notes on iPad. Unlike other iPad apps, with NoteBook you can take notes using multiple fonts, styles, and colors. Text styling is important because it’s part of how we retain and recall information. On paper you might write something in large letters or different color ink to make it stand out. For notes on your iPad, you don’t want to lose this flexibility of writing on paper.

Also unlike other iPad apps, with NoteBook you can add attachments to your notes. So if your notes refer to a spreadsheet of calculations or a schematic in a PDF, you can attach the documents right to those notes. Other apps force you to store them separately, which completely separates the documents from their context.

1Password Pro adds Dropbox Sync

Agile Web Solutions has released an update to its popular 1Password Pro password management app adding over-the-air sync via Dropbox and support for iOS 4. Prior versions of 1Password Pro synced with the desktop version via a local Wi-Fi connection and iOS devices could not sync directly with each other.

1Password Pro 3.5 now allows users to choose to sync data using a Dropbox account allowing the desktop version of 1Password and multiple iOS devices to remain in sync even when they are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The latest update also adds support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display and iOS 4 and adds new auto-lock options related to multitasking support including the option to leave 1Password unlocked for a limited time when switching between apps. 1Password Pro is available from the App Store

PDFpen 4.7 adds Evernote Support

SmileOnMyMac has released PDFpen 4.7, an update to its PDF editing software for Mac OS X. The update adds support for Evernote, the popular multi-platform memory enhancing service.

PDFpen 4.7 features a "Save to Evernote" option in the File menu, which prompts the user to login and to set the name and note title for the PDF document. For convenience, PDFpen can save the user's Evernote login to the Mac OS X Keychain.

"We are very pleased to add this valuable functionality to PDFpen," said Philip Goward, co-founder of SmileOnMyMac. "Now PDFpen users can take advantage of Evernote's excellent capabilities to store their PDFs where they can easily be accessed via web browser, iPhone and iPad."

TextExpander touch jumps to the iPad

SmileOnMyMac announced on Tuesday that TextExpander touch, the iOS version of its popular Mac OS X typing utility is now a universal app optimized for the iPad, in addition to the iPhone and iPod touch.

TextExpander aims to lighten your typing burden by letting you create small textual snippets that you can use as shortcuts for longer strings of text. For example, you could create a snippet so that “lfgreat” expanded to “Lex Friedman just wrote another great story on Macworld.com.”

The newly-universal version of the app is a free upgrade if you already own TextExpander touch for the iPhone, and remains $5 for new buyers. The iPad version of the app aims to make creating and editing your snippets easier, thanks to the device’s bigger screen.

1Password for Mac 3.2.3 released - Several Fixes and Improvements

1Password 3.2.3 brings several important fixes and improvements to the popular password manager and form-filling software. Among the changes are improved support for non-English languages in 1PasswordAnywhere, an all-purpose mobile solution provided by 1Password that allows you to keep your passwords and data securely available when you're away from your computer.

For people not carrying 1Password touch on their iPhone, iPod or iPad, 1PasswordAnywhere provides security and convenience, accessible through the web. It can sync via DropBox and makes retrieving your private data possible through a secure connection in most web browsers.

Agile Web Solutions takes over Development of Knox

Years ago I started using Knox for securing files, folders and drives. It's an easy and very secure way to keep your private files private. This week, long-time developers Marko Karppinen & Co. handed it over to Agile Web Solutions. As Agile is behind the popular 1Password, I think it was a great choice.

PageSender 4.6 adds New Online Fax Services

SmileOnMyMac has announced the immediate availability of PageSender 4.6 for Mac OS X. The update added support for eight fax-via-email services.

Version 4.6 added support for Concord Fax, Rogers Business Internet Fax, SRFax, Soho66, Faxmate, Singtel, eCall.ch and Axiatel.

PageSender 4.6 is priced at US$39.95 and is available for download at the SmileOnMyMac Web site. The update is free for version 4 users.

1Password and 1Password Pro for iPhone

It seems like many of the Websites I visit these days request a login. Whether it’s online banking, Twitter, Facebook, or a blog site, everyone wants a username and password.

Agile Web Solution’s 1Password desktop application helps me generate extremely secure passwords for all my sites, stores them away from prying eyes, and enters them for me almost automatically. It also lets me store all my credit card numbers, auto-populates payment forms, and even gives me a secure place where I can store software license keys, encrypted notes and so on. What’s more, 1Password backs everything up to my Dropbox account for safekeeping.

So I have a solution that works great on my Mac. But what about for password-protected sites I come across when browsing on my iPhone? The obvious answer: use the 1Password app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

(Shawn's Comment: And check out the Sneak Peek: 1Password for iPad)

PDFpen 4.6 and PDFpenPro 4.6

The latest versions of SmileOnMyMac's PDF editing utilities PDFpen and PDFpenPro come with brief release notes, but include at least one substantial improvement.

Both editions now support OCR for 11 new languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian. The upgrades also reportedly include a number of minor bug fixes and improvements

PDFpen 4.5.2

Pros - Insert images into PDFs; perform optical character recognition on scanned PDFs; use a library to store often-used text and graphics; make placed images' backgrounds transparent; edit text in PDFs.

Cons - Library window can't be resized and lacks a preview mode; editing text in certain PDFs may cause a crash; color changing issue in inserted notes; fuzzy text when using highlighter.

Ambrosia runs Software Bundles for 70% Savings

Ambrosia Software is running special holiday bundles worth up to 70% off regular prices. The software bundles are split between Work and Play for the company's various utilities and games. Within each category, shoppers can choose between three levels of Good, Better, and Best at 50%, 60%, and 70% savings respectively.

The promotion runs until December 24th.

DiscLabel 6.2 adds Holiday Templates

SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of DiscLabel 6.2 on Wednesday with new holiday-themed templates.

The update for the CD and DVD label design application added ten new holiday and celebration templates, added the ability to edit layer names, and fixed several bugs.

Disclabel 6.2 is priced at US$35.95 and is available at the SmileOnMyMac Web site. The update is free for version 6 users.

Jean MacDonald, SmileOnMyMac

I met Jean MacDonald and the crew from SmileOnMyMac at a developer gathering at Chaat Cafe in San Francisco a few years ago during Macworld Expo. She is a partner at the company and primarily handles marketing and PR. Prior to joining the SmileOnMyMac, she operated Well-Tempered Web, an independent web design and online marketing firm. She also taught web design and online marketing at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon and as a member of Geekcorps in Ghana, West Africa.

Smile is one of the few indie companies that I know of to have somebody on staff dedicated to marketing, so I thought it would be useful to pick her brain for how they do it.

DiscLabel 6.1 gets Flickr Support

SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of DiscLabel 6.1 on Wednesday. The update for the CD and DVD label design application added the ability to import images from Flickr accounts.

Version 6.1 also added the ability to delete layout items by dragging them outside of the design area, the ability to show and hide layers has been improved, Command-Option-I now shows and hides the Inspector palette, crop marks on plain paper stay visible after the first cut, several bugs were fixed, and more.

1Password 2.2 gains Easier Copy Support, More

Agile Web Solutions announced the immediate availability of 1Password and 1Password Pro 2.2. The update for the iPhone and iPod touch password management applications improved copy and paste support database reset.

Version 2.2 added Quick Copy and Paste so users can copy data with a single tap, and added Landscape Mode for List, Detail and Web Browser views. It also added auto-capitalization for the Notes field, added the ability to rearrange tabs in the toolbar, and fixed several bugs.

1Password Pro 2.2 also added the ability to synchronize folders from 1Password for the Mac, along with the ability to copy multiple fields for pasting into Mobile Safari when using the Look Up bookmarklet.

RadTech announces STM Remedy Laptop Shoulder Bag Briefcase

The Remedy Laptop Shoulder Bag is a minimalist messenger bag with detailed features. Two models are available specifically designed to accomodate Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and PowerBook notebook lines.

The Remedy features a snug-fitting notebook section with high-density padding and an organizer pocket on the front for all your essentials. A comfortable handle allows the Remedy to be carried as a briefcase and attaching the removable strap converts it into a shoulder bag.

RadTech releases CompuShell, a Hard Shell Laptop Case

RadTech has released the CompuShell, a US$269.96 hard shell laptop case. Like the company’s MacTruck notebook enclosures, CompuShell envelopes your portable rig with a heat-extracting aluminum alloy shell. But unlike the MacTruck, it has extra space for power supply and peripherals (for 15-inch and smaller notebooks).

The CompuShell protects your notebook while you use it. It allows full use of your computer, storage for your power supply and related peripherals and unfettered access to all ports, all while cradled within the case’s protective padding. The notebook is easily removed from the case if desired; just lift it out and go.

Air channels located beneath the notebook’s bottom case, combined with the heat conduction properties of the aluminum shell, helps keep your notebook cool, according to the folks at RadTech. The handle is constructed from a graphite enriched poly-resin and shaped for comfort and rotates throughout a full 190 degree arc, which is handy if you want to stow your CompuShell inside a backpack, shoulder bag, or suitcase.

Ambrosia releases Mac Version of Multiwinia

Ambrosia Software on Thursday announced the release of Multiwinia, a new war game for the Mac. It costs $20; a 30-day trial version is available for download.

Multiwinia is from the developers of Darwinia, and it’s set in the same environment. It's “a fantastic fractalized world populated by bloodthirsty little stick men with a mission: follow your orders to annihilate their enemies.” It's a real-time strategy game.

Multiwinia features six different game types with more than 40 maps to choose from, along with online and single player modes. Game modes include Domination, King of the Hill, Capture the Statue, Assault, Rocket Riot and Blitzkrieg.

What makes You "Smile on Your Mac"?

Answer that question and you could win a 2 GB iPod Shuffle!

SmileOnMyMac and Your Mac Life are giving away 5 iPod Shuffles for the best answers to that question.

The best will be picked by Shawn King and Lesa Snider King, hosts of Your Mac Life. The winners will be announced March 18, 2009. But *everyone* who enters will get a special discount on the SmileOnMyMac application of their choice. To enter, just fill out this form with your answer!

Mac Switcher Bundle

New to the Mac? Get three of the most useful and popular Mac software utilities, all rated 4.5 mice by Macworld! Plus a series of ScreenCastsOnline how-to videos to get your started on your way to become a Mac power user.

Makes a great gift! Special introductory price now through January 31, 2009. Questions? Please contact support [at] smileonmymac [dot] com.

TextExpander 2.5 adds Date and Time Math Snippets

SmileOnMyMac released an update on Thursday for TextExpander, bringing the current version to 2.5.

Among the changes in the new version is date math. This allows users to create snippets to automatically add or subtract years, months, and days from the current date. The company also added time math allowing users to add or subtract hours, minutes or seconds from the current time.

An Internet Productivity snippet group has been added to TextExpander that contains AppleScripts that automatically shorten URLs using online services such as TinyURL and others.

Discounts on TextExpander and 1Password

SmileOnMyMac, developers of TextExpander, and Agile Web Solutions, developers of 1Password, have announced a joint marketing promotion.

SmileOnMyMac now offers 1Password at 25% discount when purchased together with any SmileOnMyMac application.

Meanwhile, Agile Web Solutions offers TextExpander in its online store at a discount of 20% when purchased together with 1Password.


Clarifi is no ordinary polycarbonate case.

That's because, when the details matter, Clarifi's built-in lens gives your iPhone a boost in camera resolution.

Slide the Clarifi lens into place over the built-in lens of your iPhone. Your macro and close-up shots are instantly finer in detail, more accurate in color. With Clarifi's lens, your iPhone can image an entire business card with astounding clarity. Slide the lens aside for normal photography. WIthout Clarifi, iPhone requires about 18 inches to focus properly. Slide Clarifi's lens into place and you can move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and great pictures.

And, of course, Clarifi is also a super-protective case, constructed of durable polycarbonate, with cutaways for access to power switch, headphone jack, volume controls, and dock connector. For use with Apple Universal Dock wells, Clarifi features Griffin's trademark EasyDock™ design: the bottom third of the case slides down and off to fit in standard dock wells.

TextExpander 2.3 gets Accented Word Library

From MacObserver

SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of TextExpander 2.3. The update for the typing shortcut application added a predefined set of accented foreign words that are commonly used in English.

Version 2.3 also improved the TextExpander Preference Pane interface to fit Leopard's wider System Preferences window, fixed an issue with filtering abbreviations and snippets, fixed Tiger-related case sensitivity issues, and more.

TextExpander 2.3 is priced at US$29.95 and is available for download at the SmileOnMyMac Web site. The update is free for all users.

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Celebrate SmileOnMyMac's 5th Birthday!

Celebrate SmileOnMyMac's 5th Birthday with Your Mac Life!

Purchase any SmileOnMyMac application with 20% discount. Offer expires August 15, 2008.

And don't forget you can still be part of their newest Your Mac Life commercials!

Call the SmileOnMyMac hotline at 503-608-7622, and record your answer to the question: "What Makes You Smile On YOUR Mac?"

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TextExpander 2.1 improves Performance

From Macworld

Software utility-maker SmileOnMyMac on Tuesday released an update for its typing shortcut tool, TextExpander, bringing the current version to 2.1.

The new version improves performance and reliability for fast typists; allows single character abbreviations; remembers open groups in Preference pane; preserves format when creating snippets from selection or Clipboard; and fixes problem expanding when there are multiple nested snippets.

TextExpander allows you to insert commonly used text or other snippets using abbreviations instead of typing the entire snippet each time.

Click here to read more "TextExpander 2.1 improves Performance"

SmileOnMyMac was a Featured Developer in the MacSanta Promotion

From SmileOnMyMac

SmileOnMyMac was a featured developer in the MacSanta promotion, offering 10% off through December 31st. MacSanta offers one-day 20% discounts and extended 10% discounts on Mac OS X software.

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Signed Evolve!

Thanks to Griffin Technology, we are giving away a one of a kind signed Evolve Wireless Sound System on Wednesday evening's show!

All you have to do to win is tell us the name of Griffin Technology's J Curtis' wife. Send your guess in the Subject Line to "contest at yourmaclifeshow.com" and then listen for your name to be called on Wednesday evening's show!