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Happy Holidays!

Well, Vancouver recorded its whitest Christmas on record (I believe) and on the North Shore where I spent Christmas with my family, we had almost 23 inches of snow fall in just a couple of days! Yikes!

From my family (my nieces Hannah and Kathryn and nephew/God son Eli) to yours, the happiest of holiday seasons!!

Click here for a few more snow/Christmas Eve pics


Sly's Website of the Week - September 3, 2008

It's a "two-fer-one" special Website of the week this Week with the same person sending in both sites.

Here’s the ultimate time-waster, yet another Bubble Wrap site.

And for a little hand eye coordination "Click the Ball to Change Its Colour", or as I like to call it "the frustrate the hell out of yourself" Website of the Week. ;-)

(Oh and I did manage to figure out a way to click the ball, though it did challenge my frustration level a bit before I finally figured it out. Doh!) ;-)

This time wasting, frustrating moment has been brought to you by Your Mac Life. Enjoy.


Sly's Website of the Week - August 27, 2008

According to Canadian Comedian Russell Peters, this is How to Become a Canadian Citizen.

As our winning submitter says "it's all a matter of perspective". ;-)


p.s. Russell Peters...really? Peters is his later name??? :-)

Sly's Website of the Week - August 20, 2008

I couldn't resist...I'm sorry, I just couldn't. :-)

I mean it's during the Olympics and all, right? I'm showing team spirit, right? ;-)

Well ok, so this wasn't the *exact* Website of the Week submitted, the winner this week, submitted his own version, but it gave me the idea to do this, so he is still responsible for it. (That's Sly logic at its finest!) ;-)

Folks, get your Kleenex's ready for the: MOUNT OLYMPUS GAMES


~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - August 13, 2008

You may have already seen this and I don't care if this is real or not (ok, so I do care a little bit) ;-) but, there's no denying that it's frackin' cool!

Slow Motion Lightning Strike

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - August 6, 2008

When Fonts get together for a conference. Yes, you read correctly. :-)

Font Conference

Hee hee hee (well, I do ask for wacky sites). ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - July 30, 2008

The show is called America's Got be the judge. :-)

The Grinder

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week for July 23, 2008

Sometimes I ask for silly websites and sometimes you send them to me, so I guess it’s my own damn fault. But if I have to suffer through this, then so do all y’all. ;-)

Techno Chicken Dance

My ears!!!

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - July 16, 2008

It’s PCWorld and their rather archaic testing methods, so take it all with a grain of salt, ;-) but as our winning submitter noted to me: “very good results, all things considered”.

(And let’s just say our winner this week should know a few things about testing Apple products.) :-)

3G iPhone Stress Tests

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - July 9, 2008

When I’m feeling a bit grumpy, well I just wanna smack stuff. Heh. So I figured I would share a good time waster and possible anger management tool as this week's Website of the Week. ;-)

Virtual Fly Swatter

Kill 10 flies in as little time as possible. (Warning, once you’ve killed all 10 flies, hanging up the fly swatter is even more of a challenge - took me *forever*. Well ok, I’m uncoordinated but I’m just saying.) And of course, depending on how grumpy or frustrated you are going in, this may just aggravate you even more...gauge your mood accordingly.) :-D

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - July 2, 2008

I just love seeing this kind of stuff even if it's silly and I'd never have any reason to test it out; so unless you want to buy 2,000 boxes of corn starch and throw it into a giant tub with water, why not just watch Steve Spangler, The Science Guy, do just that on Ellen. It's kinda neat. :-)

Walking on....uh....Corn Starch?

(You may have to sit through a short ad, if so just refresh the page or watch the ad.)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - June 25, 2008

I’ve often wondered about this myself though like all the other sheep, when I get coffee from Starbucks I just order the Grande Dark. It’s just easier that way. With it being early in the morning when I usually hit my regular Starbucks location, I really don’t want to see the Barrista’s head explode if I ask for a medium coffee. (And truth be told, I'm a regular so I usually don't have to ask for what I want anymore, they just have it ready for me.)

Small Is Tall??

And don't get me started on the "extra hot, no fat, no whip, no water, mocha, double shot, chai tea latte" crowd. *My* head would explode just trying to order one of those. ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - June 18, 2008

I realize that sometimes Website of the Week borders on the ridiculous (hey, I *like* ridiculous!) ;-D but this week we’ll go to the opposite end of the spectrum and shoot for the sublime, especially since we’ve been focusing on photography of late.

Creative photos by Chema Madoz

And if you wanna see more of Madoz’s work, Click here!

Hope you enjoy.

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - June 11, 2008 this really how it is???

The Truth About Google Maps!

Aha! I knew it!!! Hehehe ;-)


Sly's Website of the Week - June 4, 2008

A few folks may have been glued to the tv last week for the Scripps Spelling Bee – in fact, I think that one of our sponsors even recorded it cuz she was being a star of Ladies Rock Band Camp over the weekend. ;-)

Well who knew that bloopers could come out of the Spelling Bee but they do, so I figured why not make it Website of the Week:

Spell What?!?!



Sly's Website of the Week - May 28, 2008

A very cool animation - I wish I knew how people do this; on the other hand, I don’t know that I would understand it even if I did know. ;-)

Animator vs Animation


~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - May 21, 2008

I think we need to embrace (and yes applaud) the fact that the King's were brave ;-) enough to post photos of their new Cat Genie (a self washing/cleaning cat litter box system). So much so that, in keeping with the apparent bathroom theme, for this week's Website of the Week I give you:

Fish 'n Flush

Important Notice: The first YML listener to get this and install it MUST send photos!! ;-)

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - May 14, 2008

I'm sure the full-fledged geeks out there have already seen this but it is cool (and slightly creepy), which makes it a perfect candidate for Website of the Week.

Recent video of BigDog Quadruped Robot is so stunning, it’s spooky

BTW: If you were impressed by this, don't miss the hilarious spoof:

New Video of BigDog Quadruped Robot is so stunning, it's stupid

Hope you enjoy!


Sly's Website of the Week - May 7, 2008

I know we've all seen similar images before but they never cease to amaze me and why I picked this site as this week's Website of the Week:

Cool Art That Messes With Your Head

BTW, since there was no show last week, I thought I'd remind you of last week's WotW as well:

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Double your pleasure, double your fun! ;-) Hope you enjoy!

~ Sly

Sly's Website of the Week - April 30, 2008

Short and sweet.

An Engineer's Guide to Cats.

Hope you enjoy. :-)


Sly's Website of the Week - April 9, 2008

With all my "disturbing" websites of the week of late, I thought I'd dial it back a notch and bring some class and decorum back to "Sly's Website of the Week" this week.

As our winning submitter wrote: "Ahhhh, classical music played by professional musicians"

Hope you enjoy! ;-)


Sly's Website of the Week - March 19, 2008

I guess the Easter Bunny got a bad carrot or sumthin'. :-)

The Easter Bunny Hates You



Sly's Website of the Week - March 12, 2008

Did you know the election was already decided? Yep…the Onion has all the details.

Election Results Accidentally Leaked

(Given the past controversy over hanging chads, etc., I found this rather humourous and maybe a little bit scary.)



Sly's Website of the Week - March 5, 2008

I find this amazingly creepy, perfect for Website of the Week (and lookie lookie, it’s not video or flash-based). ;-)

Ron Mueck, Hyper Realist Sculptor!

Very cool!


Sly's Website of the Week - February 27, 2008

Ahhhh, so this is why the docking station didn't pan out.

That, or Apple just doesn't give a "crap". ;-)


Funny thing, still makes me want a MacBook Air. ;-)

Note: Flash intensive and may possibly slow down your machine considerably if too many things running at once.

Sly's Website of the Week - February 20, 2008

Baby Boomers Unite! Or for those on the cusp of the Baby Boomer stage, or just to see what life may have in store for ya, I present:

Baby Boomers Begin Collecting Their Social Security

(Shawn you have watch this all the way through to know at what point I laughed out loud watching this. (Hint: Jean Jean the Dancing Machine will come to your mind at that point.)



Sly's Website of the Week - February 13, 2008

Ok..haven’t had a game as a wining site in a while and this one is sure to drive you bonkers. (It's *perfect* then!) ;-) - Spin the Black Circle

Um...enjoy! :-D

(BTW, just let it load until you see the start of the game; it goes through a couple of credits first.)

Sly's Website of the Week - February 6, 2008

Frozen Grand Central Station

Very funny to watch people's reactions. :-)


Sly's Website of the Week - January 30, 2008

Real or fake? You be the judge.

Either way, on gross gross factor alone, I present this week’s website of the week:

Bird Poops in Mouth



Sly's Website of the Week - January 9, 2008

Only the second week into 2008 and we are already into the *VERY STRANGE*.

Of course, not surprising considering the source (aka, winning submitter). :-)

Pork, not just the "other" white meat, but also quite the entertainer!

It may be strange, but I defy anyone not to chairdance just a little bit to it. :-)