From Mac Law Students
TypeIt4Me is a shareware application for Macs. Essentially it works as your own personal “typing assistant.” You pre-define abbreviations that make sense to you and TypeIt4Me will expand them for you, on the fly, as you type. It sits in the background eagerly watching everything you type and when it sees you type an abbreviation, it expands it automatically for you.

(Shawn's Comment: I *love* TypeIt4Me and highly recommend it to anyone who does any repetitive typing)

(Shawn's Comment #2: Sly has (rightfully) shamed me into trying out one of our sponsors products - TextExpander - and so far, so good. It has imported TypeIt4Me's database and is working away....a full review later)

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Apple iPhone

From Macworld
Apple’s iPhone is a product that’s been years in the making. Apple’s designers have been working on it for years, and the Web has been buzzing about Apple’s entry into the phone market for just as long—or maybe even longer. But now, after six months of intense speculation since its introduction at Macworld Expo, the iPhone has arrived. Although the iPhone is not without a few quirks, it makes good on the hype that surrounded it.

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iPhone Comparative Review

Welcome to our comparative review of the Apple iPhone; a feature-by-feature matchup against the LG Prada, Treo 750, Blackberry 8800, Helio Ocean, and Nokia N95.

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Soundtrack Pro 2

From Macworld
Pros: Vastly improved multichannel editing and file import and export; Conform feature makes Final Cut integration more elegant; efficient surround panning; improved recording; convenient Lift and Stamp audio.

Cons: Automation requires AppleScript; rigid and sometimes sluggish interface; available only as part of the Final Cut Studio suite.

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Final Cut Pro 6

From Macworld
Pros: Flexible Open Format Timeline; ProRes 422 codec offers very high quality at reasonable data rates; SmoothCam feature is simple and effective; surround-sound support is helpful; many refinements; printed manuals; good price.

Cons: Open Format Timeline doesn’t handle everything perfectly; SmoothCam has some rough edges; surround-sound support requires additional hardware; huge, time-consuming installation; somewhat steep system requirements, especially for HD; no AVCHD codec support as yet.

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Review: DLO HomeDock & Griffin TuneCenter

From PlayList

HomeDock Deluxe
Pros: Allows you to browse your iPod’s music and video content via menus on your TV; unique dock connector doesn’t require you to remove iPod from a case; displays album art on your TV.

Cons: Photo and slideshow selection require using the iPod’s own screen.

Pros: Allows you to browse your iPod’s music content via menus on your TV; remote includes convenient page up/down buttons; access to Internet radio stations.

Cons: Video browsing and photo and slideshow selection require using the iPod’s own screen; no onscreen album-art display.

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MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo/2.2GHz and 2.4GHz

From Macworld
For more than a year, Intel has been touting a new mobile platform, code-named Santa Rosa. Combining the latest Core 2 Duo processors with a package of new support chips, the platform was supposed to deliver the biggest advance in notebook computing in years.

Now Apple’s first Santa Rosa-based laptops—the new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros—have arrived, yet the improvements turn out to be fairly modest.

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From Macworld

Pros: Easy-to-use, friendly interface; video quality scales with your connection speed; complete control of device via virtual remote control.

Cons: No built-in Wi-Fi networking; connection through Apple wireless router requires manual configuration.

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Wearable Video Displays for the iPod

From Macworld practical are...wearable displays? Do they even provide a decent viewing experience? And are they worth the money? We were able to secure two of the most popular displays marketed to iPod users, the myvu by MicroOptical and the ezVision Video iWear by ezGear, and I donned each of them for hours in the service of our loyal readers. Here's what I found.

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From the Lab: 17-inch MacBook Pro Benchmarks

From Macworld
Our 17-inch MacBook Pro has arrived, and we have initial results to go with the 15-inch laptops we tested last week. Like those machines, this MacBook Pro outperforms its predecessor in most tasks that make up our Speedmark tests. Unfortunately, this 17-inch MacBook Pro, like the 15-inch models last week, fares poorly in our game test—a surprising result given the upgraded graphics card inside the new laptops—and we still haven’t been able to figure out why.

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Review: Mac Games & More Web Site

(The following is a paid review)

I like games as much as the next guy - I had a PS2, I had an XBox, I have an Xbox 360, I play the occasional game on my Mac. But I would not describe myself as a “hard core game”.

But I am always looking for little time waster games. Those who have followed the show over the years know I love Snood and games like it.

The web site Mac Games & More seems to fill exactly that kind of niche and even includes other non-gaming apps.

The site claims to focus on and publicize the work of independent Mac developers - it shows in the selection of software the web site creator has chosen to feature (on a paid basis), review or include on the front page.

The front page is a nice landing page for the site but it feels incomplete when you start clicking through - none of the “inside” pages matches the look and feel of the first page and that gives the site a incomplete and unprofessional look.

Their reviews are uneven too. Some read like a traditional review but others sound like simple descriptions of the games.

FotoMagico 2.0 Pro

From Macworld
Pros: Integrates with both iPhoto and Aperture libraries; supports Raw file format; intuitive interface; has a variety of export presets; works with iTunes.

Cons: Stiff hardware requirements; jerky playback on high-resolution images.

(Shawn's Comment: *GREAT* review...but I'm biased :) )

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Macworld Lab: Eight-core Mac Pro

From Macworld
Buying an eight-core Mac Pro featuring two 3GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon chips will cost you roughly $700 more than a single quad-core 3GHz machine. Yet, all that extra processing oomph will net you only a 4-percent performance boost in Speedmark 4.5, Macworld Lab’s standard benchmark suite.

So does that mean the $3,997 eight-core Mac Pro announced in April is a bust? Not hardly—rather, it’s more a case of this being a desktop better suited for different tasks than our tests typically measure.

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Canon Pixma iP1800 InkJet Photo Printer

From Macworld
Pros: User-friendly; prints very good photos; inexpensive.

Cons: Black inks are light; shadow detail is lacking; no photo-card reader, media tray for small photos, PictBridge support, or output tray

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JVC GR-D796 Camcorder

From Macworld

Pros: Long battery life; simple, attractive design; user-friendly controls; has some advanced features.

Cons: Poor still-image shots; mediocre video quality; joystick placement is slightly inconvenient; no headphone or microphone jacks.

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Panasonic PV-GS320 Camcorder

From Macworld
Pros: Records sharp, clear video; modestly priced for a 3-CCD camcorder.

Cons: No external microphone input; no headphone jack; inconvenient placement of computer interface ports and SD Card slot.

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Dreamweaver CS3

From Macworld
Pros: Spry Framework for Ajax now included for enhanced site interactivity; Photoshop integration; easy-to-use CSS layouts.

Cons: Server behaviors and database tools need updating.

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Canon Pixma iP6700D Ink-Jet Photo Printer

From Macworld

Pros: Prints excellent photos with accurate colors and great shadow detail; software and control panel offer flexibility and customization options.

Cons: Faint scratches on some prints; picture-card cover snaps off too easily.

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Canon HV10 camcorder

From Macworld

Pros: Impressive video quality; superior still images; flexible controls.

Cons: Quirky ergonomics; microphone is on the back of the camcorder; poor battery life; no microphone or headphone jacks.

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Illustrator CS3

From Macworld

Pros: Intel-native; excellent new color features; helpful interface tweaks; useful improvements to the Control panel.

Cons: Basic color picker still a bit of a hassle; no changes to some older features, such as the 3-D tools; can’t create multiple-page documents.

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InDesign CS3

From Macworld

Pros: Creative new Photoshop-style effects; enhanced style features; textvariables and object-level search-and-replace help keep content updated.

Cons: Interface still somewhat cluttered; notes can’t be applied to objects other than text; transparency cannot be applied to text selections.

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TechTool Protogo

From Macworld

Pros: Easy installation; wide range of maintenance and repair features; custom profiles allow you to add any programs you want.

Cons: Some quirks with TechTool Pro 4; process for ensuring full compatibility with PowerPC and Intel Macs can be confusing.

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Photoshop CS3

From Macworld

Pros: Imaging and productivity enhancements throughout; superb new image-alignment and monochrome-conversion tools; dramatically improved Camera Raw module.

Cons: Interface has some rough edges; some compromises in smart-filter functionality.

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Griffin Technology Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle

From iLounge
Pros: A first-of-kind adapter that enables second-generation iPod shuffles to recharge or play audio when connected to iPod speakers with Universal Dock wells. Simple control switch lets you toggle between audio and charging modes. Convenient for travel purposes, integrates elegantly into existing accessories.

Cons: Because of Apple design restrictions, shuffle can’t charge and play audio at the same time. Caused slight misbehavior in one tested speaker system. Less elegant audio and charging alternatives are either free or very inexpensive.

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SpamSieve 2.6

From Macworld

Pros: Works within your e-mail client; training e-mail archive helps make it immediately useful; accurate; easy to train and configure; spam-level color coding; supports POP and IMAP accounts.

Cons: None significant.

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SpamX 3.0

From Macworld

Pros: Extensive reporting options.

Cons: Difficult to configure; poor documentation; confusing interface; spam reports often result in lots of unwanted mail (which the program can filter out); not Universal; doesn’t support IMAP.

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Altec Lansing inMotion iM600

From Macworld

Pros: Very good sound quality for the size; solid FM tuner; infrared remote control with excellent range; rechargeable battery; syncs with computer; radio tunes from 76.0 to 108.0.

Cons: Battery life not as good as that of many other portable iPod speakers; FM radio doesn’t have region-specific modes, so you have to tune through all frequencies; no carrying case or pouch; doesn’t automatically turn off iPod.

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SpamSweep 1.5

From Macworld

Pros: Very easy to set up and use; works with just about any e-mail client.

Cons: No options for configuring lists or filters; no IMAP support.

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Apple TV

From Macworld

Pros: Streaming works remarkably well over moderate-to-fast networks; easy to set up and use; solid picture quality; beautiful interface.

Cons: No support for 5.1 channel surround-sound; supports a limited variety of video formats.

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From PC to TV -- via Apple

From the Wall Street Journal

The race to connect your TV to your computer and the Internet is about to kick into high gear this week when Apple Inc., the company many believe is best positioned to pull off this feat, introduces a slender, wireless set-top box called Apple TV.

This silvery little $299 gadget is designed to play and display on a widescreen family-room TV set all the music, video and photos stored on up to six computers around the house -- even if they are far from the TV, and even if they are all Windows PCs rather than Apple's own Macintosh models. It can also pull a very limited amount of music and video directly off the Internet onto the TV.

But, all in all, Apple TV is a very well-designed product that easily brings the computer and the TV together.

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