AT&T Receives 1 million Inquiries on iPhone

From iLounge

Cingular, now a unit of AT&T, has received about 1 million requests for information on Apple’s upcoming iPhone, according to AT&T Chief Operating Officer Randall Stephenson. Cingular, which is being rebranded as AT&T, will be the exclusive U.S. carrier of the device. While Cingular, nor Apple, are currently taking pre-orders, Cingular has a section on it website inviting visitors to submit their email addresses to receive information about the phone when it is released. “One million people have asked us to call when this phone is available,” Stephenson said at the CTIA wireless technology conference.

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PhotoShop World Conference and Expo Sold Out

From Macworld

The organizers of the of the Phoshop World Conference & Expo announced on Monday that the show, scheduled for April 4-6 in Boston, is sold out. The conference will be held at the John B. Hynes Convention Center.

"The fact that Photoshop World is sold out for the first time ever just shows the incredible interest in Photoshop CS3, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Adobe’s new workflow application for pro photographers – which are both playing a starring role in this year's conference,” said Scott Kelby, the conference technical chair.

Even thought the conference is sold out, the Tech Expo will be open to the public on Thursday April 5th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Exhibitors include: Adobe, Microsoft, Epson, CDW, Canon, Dell, Wacom, Corel, on0ne Software, and iStockphoto.

(Shawn's Comment: Just like I predicted on last week's show :) )
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Maxtor OneTouch III 300GB FireWire / USB 2.0 External HD - $125 shipped

From DealNews

The Maxtor OneTouch III 300GB FireWire/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive, model no. STM303004OTAB05-RK, costs $124.99 at Shipping adds $8.52, but you can pay via PayPal and use coupon code "PAYPAL10" to bag free shipping. This drive features a 16MB cache and runs at 7200 rpm.

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Star Trek: The Original Series Beams back into iTunes

From iLounge

Apple, which had quietly dropped “Star Trek: The Original Series” from its roster of iTunes downloadable programming, looks to have returned not only to iTunes the first season of this series but also a remastered version as well. This remastered version (which costs $56.99 as a season pass for the first season) has “dozens of new and higher-detailed visual effects” blended into the episodes.

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QuickerTek offers 802.11n for Mac mini

From Macworld

QuickerTek announced the availability of an IEEE 802.11n wireless networking upgrade kit for Apple’s Mac mini. The $180 kit enables Intel-based Mac minis to work at the faster wireless networking speeds allowed by Apple’s new AirPort Extreme Base Station and other devices that employ the draft networking specification.

The card offered by QuickerTek occupies the same slot as the factory card provided by Apple for the Mac mini. It’s backwards-compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g standards, and also includes an antenna — instructions for installation are included, along with the tools you need.

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Sony comes to iTunes with TV Shows

From Macworld

Apple confirmed that Sony will join the iTunes Store with several new television shows. "News Radio," "Till Death," the original animated "Spiderman," "Starsky and Hutch" and "Charlie's Angels" will all be available for purchase from the store. Sony joins some 60 other channels already available on the iTunes Store including NBC, CBS, ABC, A&E, Spike, Fox and TLC.

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Environmental Issues on Apple Shareholder Agenda

From PC World

Two environmental proposals will be on the agenda at this year's annual Apple shareholder meeting. Envirometal group, Greenpeace, is rallying support for the proposals, while Apple's Board of Directors is recommending shareholders vote against the proposals.

Greenpeace said they have 70 other groups supporting them as they publically urge former Vice President and current Apple Board member Al Gore to use his influence with the Board. According to Greenpeace, Apple's Board of Directors is due to send out a statement recommending that stockholders vote against two proposals that would strengthen Apple's environmental policies.

Greenpeace said that Apple's communication with shareholders calls these initiatives too "costly, time intensive and duplicative of existing [Apple] policies, initiatives and efforts," and the Board of Directors "unanimously" recommends that shareholders not support the resolution.

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Best Buy takes Back Apple TV Exclusive


Best Buy on Thursday retracted its previous claim that it had arranged to get deliveries of the Apple TV device two weeks ahead of every other electronics retailer except Apple's own stores.

Apparently that was a bit of an exaggeration, Best Buy spokesman Jeff Dudash said Thursday. To be clear: Best Buy will still be getting an initial shipment of 3,000 Apple TVs that will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, March 27, he said, but he wouldn't say whether Best Buy will have the device for any exclusive period of time.

Best Buy is now deferring to Apple on retail shipment strategies for its latest product. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said he is looking into the matter, so stay tuned.

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VisualHub Update Adds Apple TV Support

From Macworld
Media conversion utility VisualHub has been updated adding support for Apple TV conversions. According to the developer, high definition video can be converted for the Apple TV up to 10 times faster than QuickTime Pro. On a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, a 2-hour 720p movie can be converted in about 5 hours. Obviously, the faster your system, the better performance you will see. The utility also does full resolution encodes of DVDs. VisualHub 1.2.3 is a free update to registered users and costs $23.32 for new users.

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Research Firm says Apple Notebook Number Miscalculated

From Macworld

After issuing a report earlier this week stating that Apple’s unit notebook shipments had dropped seven percent, DisplaySearch on Wednesday said that number was incorrect due to a miscalculation.

John Jacobs, Director of Notebook PC Market Research for DisplaySearch, told Macworld that the actual unit volume for Apple’s notebooks dropped two percent from the third quarter of 2006 to the fourth quarter of 2006, representing 17,000 notebooks in all.

Notebook market share only dropped 7/10 of one percent for that same period.

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Former Vice President Al Gore and Apple Stock

From Market Matador

Today, Former Vice President Al Gore received options on 10,000 shares of Apple Inc. The options were a part of his stock option plan as an Apple Director. In a filing with the SEC, Apple said that the options had an exercise price of $91.13.

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Best Buy Finagles Apple TV Exclusive


Best Buy said today that the just-released Apple TV will be available in all 822 of its U.S. stores starting Tuesday. That's two weeks ahead of all other retailers that are not named the Apple Store.

Granted, the set-top box will be available in limited supply at first. The initial shipment will be 3,000 units, which spread across more than 800 stores means there will be about five Apple TVs available at each store for the MSRP of $299. This is the first time Best Buy is selling Apple products besides iPods and computers.

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Elton John Signs entire Back Catalog Exclusively to iTunes

From Ars Technica

...until May.

Elton John announced this morning that his entire back catalogue will be available for download on March 26. "I've wanted my music to be available for digital download worldwide for some time, but I knew that the entire catalog—not just the hits—needed care and attention to be released in this way. Now that it's happening, I'm pleased for the fans' sake," said Elton John in a statement.

This will consist of 30-something albums and 400+ tracks of smooth, Elton-Johnny goodness, starting with his 1969 album Empty Sky. Almost 40 years of his musical career will be online, exclusively through iTunes through April 30. After April 30, John will presumably make his music available via other download services, although he did not specify which ones.

This move by Elton John is exactly what everyone expected The Beatles to do with their entire back catalog, once it comes online.

New QuickTime Exploit hits MySpace, Steals Passwords

From Computerworld

A Trojan horse exploiting a flaw in Apple Inc.'s QuickTime that was patched two weeks ago is infecting users' computers, collecting confidential information, including passwords, several security companies said today.

The attack is reminiscent of one late last year that plagued MySpace users and forced the popular social networking site to shut down hundreds of profiles.

Like that December exploit, today's leverages the QuickTime "HREF" function, which allows movies to contain URLs or JavaScript that load Web pages into a browser. Rather than issue a fix to all QuickTime users then, however, Apple took the unusual step of letting MySpace itself link to the blocking code. In other words, only MySpace users were protected.

"This function is not strictly a bug or a vulnerability, but it is something that can be misused," said Ivan Macalintal, research director at Trend Micro Inc.

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Apple Notebook Market Share falls in 4Q

From Macworld

According to a report by market research firm DisplaySearch, Apple’s notebook market share fell seven percent in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter, putting the company in ninth place overall among major competitors.

Hewlett-Packard took the top spot surging more than 29 percent and capturing 20 percent of the market. Dell remained in second place with 15 percent market share, despite dropping two percent quarter to quarter, while Acer gained 29 percent to finish third with 13.3 percent market share.

Rounding out the list are Toshiba (9.8 percent share), Lenovo (8.4 percent), Fujitsu-Siemens (5.3 percent), Sony (5 percent), Asus (4.4 percent) and Apple (4.1 percent).

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Apple TV Now Shipping

From iLounge
Following a slight delay, customers who pre-ordered the Apple TV steaming media device began receiving shipment notifications earlier today. According to several readers and iLounge’s own shipping notice, most will receive their Apple TV by Friday. Originally announced under the iTV codename in September 2006, the Apple TV was officially introduced at Macworld Expo in January along with an expected shipping date of February.

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MYOB to Focus more Resources on the Mac

From Macworld

MYOB has been a cross-platform accounting software developer for many years. While the majority of the revenue comes from its Windows products, company executives said they will be focusing new resources on the Mac platform.

“This is a turning point for us,” Craig Winkler, MYOB chief executive officer, told Macworld. “We’ve always been committed to the Mac, but now we’re putting even more energy into its development.”

“We are putting specific resources on the Mac and seeing how we can expand our Mac user base and how we can utilize new Mac OS technologies,” said Winkler. “We can actually speed up the way we can adopt new operating system features to the benefit of our clients.”

Currently the company is seeking a new Mac Product Manager that will head up the Mac focused development group. Besides being the company CEO, Winkler said the Mac has been his machine of choice for years.

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Apple gives Glimpse Inside Leopard with WWDC Sessions

From Macworld

Apple posted information to its Web site on Monday detailing what sessions it will offer developers at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference, which will obviously focus on Mac OS X Leopard, takes place June 11-15 in San Francisco.

“There’s no better time to attend WWDC,” Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, told Macworld. “Mac, iPod and Apple TV offer software, hardware and content developers an unrivaled opportunity for innovation.”

One popular Apple product not mentioned is the iPhone. Okamoto said that the iPhone would not be released until June and Apple did not want comment further on the product until then.

Apple will help developers get the most out of Leopard with over 100 sessions and labs. As with past developer conferences the sessions are presented by Apple the engineers that work on the technologies, so developers get first hand experience in making the technology work with their applications.

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The Missing Sync for BlackBerry

From TidBITS

Mark/Space is currently offering a fully functional public preview of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry as a 9.2 MB download.

Like other versions of The Missing Sync, this one uses Mac OS X's Sync Services to synchronize data between the BlackBerry and Address Book, iCal, or other programs that also use Sync Services. It also features photo and music transfers from iPhoto and iTunes on the BlackBerry Pearl. Remember that this is still beta software; Mark/Space has posted a list of known issues. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later, and a BlackBerry device running version 4.0 or later of the operating system. The completed version of the program is expected to ship by the end of this quarter; pricing has not been announced.

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See Creative Suite 3 Announced Live

From Adobe

Since Adobe can’t invite everyone to New York for their launch event on March 27, they've come up with a way to see Creative Suite live from wherever you live.

Adobe will be webcasting live from New York City an event to celebrate the launch of Adobe Creative Suite 3 on March 27, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. EDT at

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QuickTime gains 720P Apple TV High-Def Export Mode

From iLounge

In an undisclosed and largely unnoticed update to its QuickTime video playback and conversion software, Apple has quietly added an “Export to Apple TV” feature capable of creating high-definition videos viewable on the Apple TV accessory. Unlike Export to iPod, which currently creates sub-DVD-quality 640 by 480 videos, Export to Apple TV creates not only full DVD-quality 720 by 404 videos, but also 1280 by 720 videos. These videos are viewable in iTunes, but cannot be transferred directly via iTunes to an fifth-generation iPod.

The 1280 by 720 pixel resolution, also known as 720P, is one of several high-definition video formats supported by current televisions.

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Podcasting in GarageBand Tutorial Videos Released

From MacMinute today announced the release of "GarageBand 103: Podcasting In GarageBand." This tutorial teaches valuable podcasting skills including recording and editing podcasts, using GarageBand’s built-in DSP effects to compress and EQ your voice to give it that big podcast sound, making enhanced podcasts with images and URL links listeners can click, and publishing your podcast on iTunes or through iWeb. Of particular note, there’s also a detailed section on recording remote interviews with people over the web, via Skype.

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Apple Releases iTunes 7.1.1

From PlayList

Apple has released an update for iTunes, bringing the most current version to 7.1.1. According to notes provided with the update, iTunes 7.1.1 addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems in iTunes 7.1.

The update is available via the software update mechanism in Mac OS X.

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Disney Finds Backdated Pixar Stocks; Clears Jobs

From Macworld

Walt Disney has confirmed that it has found backdated stock options at Pixar prior to its acquisition in January 2006. Disney also said that it has cleared Steve Jobs — CEO of Pixar at the time — of any wrongdoing.

“The Committee and Board have concluded that while options were backdated at Pixar prior to the acquisition, no one currently associated with the Company engaged in any intentional or deliberate acts of misconduct,” said Disney in a prepared statement.

Disney said that it should also address the additional income tax liability issues facing Pixar employees who hold the options. The company doesn’t expect the tax issues to affect its financial statements.

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Apple Offers to Amend Past Options

From Yahoo! Finance

In the wake of its backdated stock options troubles, Apple Inc. is offering affected employees the chance to amend their past options and receive cash payments to avoid related tax penalties, according a regulatory filing. Apple said it sent an e-mail to affected employees, offering them the chance modify the exercise price in accordance with the company's designated schedule.

In the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple said some of the misdated stock options exercised after 2005 are subject to additional taxes. The Cupertino-based maker of iPod players and Macintosh computers said the value of the affected stock options under the offer was $67,142, as of Tuesday.

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Sound Studio 3.5 Supports Additional Audio Formats

From MacObserver

Freeverse introduced Sound Studio 3.5 on Thursday with support for several more audio file formats. The updated version adds support for Apple Lossless, ADTS AAC, NeXT/Sun Audio, and Ogg Vorbis audio formats, adds 8, 16 and 24 kbps bit rates for MP3 files, improves AppleScript support, enhances the Split by Markers feature, fixes several bugs, and more. Sound Studio 3.5 is priced at US$79.95.

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University Pulls PCs, goes All Mac

From Computerworld

Wilkes University announced it has pulled the plug on PCs in favor of Macs, saying the move — which actually began last year — will save the Pennsylvania liberal arts college more than US$150,000 while still letting students and faculty continue to run Windows applications.

Touted by Apple as one of the first colleges to mandate a campus-wide shift from Windows PCs to Macs, the Wilkes-Barre, Pa. school wasn’t a bastion of all things Apple before the decision, said Scott Byers, vice president for finance and the head of campus IT. Macs, in fact, were a minority.

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Getting Your Music on the iTMS

From PlayList

If you remember walking into music stores as a kid and thinking how cool it would be to one day see your album sitting on the shelf, the digital age may help your childhood daydream come true. With the help of a company called TuneCore, any musician or band can get their music in the most popular online stores.

TuneCore is the brainchild of Spin Art record label owner Jeff Price. When the industry shifted from physical retail stores to the online world, Price saw the ways of the traditional music label model trying to fit into the digital landscape that just weren’t working in this new environment.

The best part for the artist is that they keep all of the money from the sale—TuneCore does not take any money on the backend. Instead, the company charges one-time fees of 99 cents per song and 99 cents per store for each album and an annual $9.98 charge per album.

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Polk Audio Announces 2 New iPod Audio Systems

From iLounge

Polk Audio has announced two new portable iPod audio systems—the MiDock10 and MiDock Studio. The MiDock10 ($180; shown) features two 3.25-inch full-range drivers in a black ported enclosure. It offers USB connectivity for syncing with iTunes, side-mounted handles, auxiliary input, and headphone jack. The MiDock10 can be operated on AC or battery power, comes with a credit-card sized remote, and fits all dockable iPods. The MiDock Studio ($TBA) is a slightly larger and differently styled iPod audio system being released in April. It features dual 3.25-inch high excursion drivers that are vented via a side-firing flared port. The MiDock Studio features a two-tone black grille/white body color scheme and also has handles, USB connectivity, and auxiliary input.

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Free Photoshop World Tech Expo Pass

The Photoshop World Tech Expo is open to the public one day only on Thursday, April 5 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Hynes Convention Center, Hall D in Boston. If you are interested in mingling with the biggest names in the industry and seeing the latest in Photoshop-related technology, sign up here for a free Tech Expo pass (valued at $20 per person) today.

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