Is the iPhone Music to your Ears?

From The Guardian Unlimited
Apple's rise from the ashes is largely down to the success of the iPod.

(Shawn's Comment: Has this guy not heard of the iMac?)

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Study says 88% would Buy an iPhone @ $100

From iPhoneMatters
As advanced as the iPhone is, price has been a limiting factor hindering its widespread release but a recent study by GMI shows that 88% of those surveyed would purchase an iPhone if the price dropped to $100.

(Shawn's Comment: Say it with me - "DUH!")

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Apple Faithful dial M for Mutiny

From The Guardian
The disciples have begun to question their faith. 'We suffer so Apple can make a few more bucks, when Apple is clearly not hurting for money,' wrote Wil Shipley, an American software developer, on his blog, Call Me Fishmeal. 'We were there when Apple was hurting, we stuck with it, we nursed her back to health. It's our money she has now, and she's turning on us now that she's rich off it.'

(Shawn's Comment: *If* Shipley said this (and I can't find it on his blog), then he's a whiny baby who should take his toys and go home)

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Leopard suffers the Post Release Blues

From ZDNet
A few weeks ago I wondered about how Leopard would be received by the masses. That said, I have to admit that I’m surprised and a little shocked at the types of bugs affecting Leopard, not to mention the volume of people that appear to be affected.

Oh, and let’s not forget the new Mac Trojan. This isn’t getting a lot of press but it’s pretty significant because it’s the first time that a professional malware group has targeted Mac users.

(Shawn's Comment: "isn’t getting a lot of press..." What!? Is this guy even paying attention? And what does the Trojan have to do with Leopard?)

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Want to Pay Cash for an iPhone? Apple won't let You

From Information Week
In an apparent effort to curb the reselling of unlocked iPhones, Apple has instituted a new policy that forbids customers from paying cash--you know, the stuff that says "legal tender for all debts public and private"--for iPhones. And it has dropped the limit to two per person.

I don't think Apple is going to get away with this one. People should have the freedom to purchase an iPhone with whichever method they choose, including U.S. paper or coin currency.

(Shawn's Comment: Where in the Constitution does it say "You have a right to buy an iPhone"? And keep in mind, retailers are *not* required by US law to accept paper currency)

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How to get Mac OS X Leopard for as Low as $40

From CrunchGear
Last night, I remembered something that you will no doubt thank me for later. When Mac OS X Tiger came out a few years ago, I was ready to buy it. I had my $130 in hand and was waiting in line. But as I approached the cash register, I ran into a coworker I knew and he told me that the University of Pennsylvania’s bookstore, which was right down the block, was selling copies to students for only $40.00. Being the cheapskate I am, I dropped the box I was holding and we headed out.

Sure enough, upon arrival at the bookstore, OS X Tiger was only $40.00. Neither of us went to UPenn, so we grabbed some dorky kid walking past us and asked him to buy it for us. He did, my coworker and I split a copy and I get Mac OS X Tiger for $20.

(Shawn's Comment: Nice. Way to help people rip off Apple in *multiple* ways)

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Sorry, Children, Leopard's Top Secret Features aren't Real

From Macworld
At the same time, who isn’t feeling at least the smallest bit used? Patronized? Taken for granted? It’s rather easy to feel Steve has treated us like children, telling us there’s a tooth fairy when there isn’t, telling us whatever suits Apple without respect for its customers. Some fans had held out hope until yesterday that Apple would deliver the promised top secret features. Sadly, I guess we just can’t believe what Steve tells us anymore.

Many commentators are suggesting Apple is becoming more Microsoft-like. The arguments center around Apple’s apparent growing disregard for its own customers. This “top secret” saga adds weight to their arguments. You get the impression Apple thinks it can tell us whatever it likes because we’re gullible, naive, and forgiving. It really smacks of Apple disrespecting its fans.

(Shawn's Comment: "WAAAHHH! Steve Jobs lied to me!!" Suck it up, Princess))

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Do we really care if there are 3 New iPhone Commercials?

From Macenstein
It is now over 4 months since the iPhone’s launch, and the fact that Apple has released 3 new iPhone commercials has somehow made it to the front of almost every Mac news site of note. Now, I do understand that these 3 new commercials are arguably the worst 3 Apple has ever made...

(Shawn's Comment: Is it just me or is *everyone* missing the fact that these are *AT&T* ads - not Apple ads)

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Apple Stock Target Raised 30%

From Macworld UK
Apple's share price target was raised 30 per cent by the analysts at Sanford C Bernstein this morning.

Analysts at the firm predict Apple may exceed even these aggressive targets on strength of strong iPhone sales. They raised their target price to $175 from $135 and issued a 'market perform' rating on the stock.

(Shawn's Comment: Wait....up until this morning, their "target" for Apple was about $33.00 *below* what Apple was trading at the day before...and now their target is a few bucks above that? "Apple may exceed even these aggressive targets..." Geez....ya think!?!)

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Verizon unveils iPhone Rival

From Reuters

Verizon Wireless unveiled three new cell phones on Wednesday for the holiday season, including a high-end handset named Voyager that will compete with Apple Inc's iPhone.

"We think it'll be the best phone ... this year. It will kill the iPhone," Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman said in an interview.

(Shawn's Comment: Sigh...when will these execs learn?)

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iPhone Owner sues Apple for $1 Million

From CNN
A New York woman is so angry at Apple Inc. for lopping $200 off the price of the iPhone that she's filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages. Dongmei Li of Queens, New York, claimed the company violated price discrimination laws when it slashed the price of the 8-gigabyte iPhone by a third, from $599 to $399, within two months of the gadget's June debut.

Apple lowered the iPhone's price on September 5 and also said it would stop selling the $499 4-gigabyte model. Hundreds of early customers who paid full price didn't expect a reduction so soon and complained.

According to Li's lawsuit, filed on September 24 in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, the price reduction injured early purchasers like herself because they cannot resell the product for the same profit as those who bought the cell phone following the price cut.

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Apple looks out for My Best Interests

Today, Apple released iTunes 7.4.2. Apple kindly fixed that small problem where people inadvertently installed custom ringtones on their systems. Thank you, Apple.

(Shawn's Comment: The author is being facetious but still thinks Apple "owes" her something)

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Apple Users frustrated over Lack of Online Backup Options

From Computerworld
Users of Apple Inc. computer systems have become increasingly frustrated in recent years due to a lack of products that can back up their data online.

(Shawn's Comment: I'm not "frustrated"? Are you?)

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Refurbished iPhones: Ut-oh for Apple?

From BloggingStocks
There is pretty compelling evidence that all is not well with the iPhone.

You can now save $100 on an iPhone by snapping up a refurbished one on the company's website. So far iPhone sales have fallen well short of expectations, and there are two possible explanations for the refurbished models. It's possible that they were returned by speculators who were hoping to resell them on eBay but were disappointed when Apple had enough stock.

That may be part of it, but it seems likely that a lot of people are just unimpressed with the expensive new phone.

(Shawn's Comment: Really? Is that the best/only explanation you can come up with regarding iPhone refurbs? You guys know that Apple has been doing refurbs for *years*, right? This is nothing new)

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Study Claims iPhone Keypad Half as Efficient as QWERTY Keypads

From AppleInsider
A recent usability study found that average cell phone users are far more efficient using physical QWERTY keypads to type messages than they are when using the virtual keypad included with Apple Inc.'s new iPhone.

(Shawn's Comment: Everyone say it with me - "DUH!")

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Wanna take bets on how long before Apple is forced to pull this headline and apologize?

Macenstein seems to think that Apple's new iMac tag line - “The New iMac. You Can’t Be Too Thin. Or Too Powerful.” - is somehow sexist or offensive to people.

This from a web site that has their "Mac Chick of the Month" prominently displayed right next to this story!

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Is the iPod the New Public Nuisance?

Dave Legeret silently fumed as the man seated beside him on the plane blasted techno music on his iPod at full volume.

"It was kind of rude," recalled Legeret, 38, a jewelry designer from Sandy Hook, Conn., who was forced to listen while flying from New York City to Disney World with his wife and 8-year-old son. "Listen to it at a level that just you can hear it and everyone else doesn't have to be subject to it."

(Shawn's Comment: Did you ever think of simply asking the guy to turn it down?)

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Some Free Advice for Apple

From Fox News
(Apple said) it would sell 10 million in the first year and half a million of those in the first couple of days —days! Lo and behold, we're told 146,000 iPhones were activated in the day and a half between the phone's launch and the most recent quarter's end.

Let me tell you something: Selling 146,000 items at a minimum of 500 bucks a pop ain't shabby.

But then it didn't meet that damn expectation, did it?

(Shawn's Comment: It's hard to believe you could take so many facts and still screw them up entirely but Cavuto admits in the story, "...when I was a kid, I wasn't the greatest student." Nice to see him prove it with this poorly fact-checked story)

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Apple Inks iPhone Deal with O2

From Apple 2.0
Quoting the Spanish newspaper Negocio, the Madrid bureau of Thompson Financial reports today that Telefonica's O2 mobile phone unit has signed an agreement with Apple (AAPL) to be the exclusive network provider for the iPhone in the UK. (See CNNMoney here.)

This is the second go-round for this story....

(Shawn's Comment: Yes, it is. So maybe you should hold off "reporting" it until it has been confirmed instead of writing about every rumor that pops into your fevered little brains....)

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iPhone: EDGE vs. Wi-Fi Test Results

After two days of timing and comparing the iPhone's download speed between AT&T's EDGE network and Wi-Fi, our CNET Lab has just released its official results.

Guess what? EDGE sucks.

(Shawn's Comment: And CNET had to *study* this?)

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Steve Jobs in a Box

From New York magazine

Apple’s competitors, by contrast, find the prospect of the iPhone terrifying. “The entire...Western world hopes that it’s a case of imperial overstretch,” says the CEO of one of the planet’s largest communications companies. “But everybody is quietly saying, er, what if people want to buy a $500 phone? What if, er, people have been waiting for a device that does all these things? What if this thing works as advertised? I mean, my God, what then?”

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Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will See You Now

From the Register
The real humiliation came last week when I phoned Apple to figure out why it refused to respond to our request to attend the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

(Shawn's Comment: Maybe if you and the Register stopped acting like children and calling people names, Apple *might* take you seriously enough to allow you to attend WWDC)

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No Team Up - Apple still Challenging Microsoft

D5 conference we saw Bill & Jobs sharing the stage, many believed that they would team up against Google but it seems Apple is still going after Microsoft.

(Shawn's Comment: Uh...yeah...with Google's CEO on *Apple's* Board, the chances of Apple and MS "teaming up" against Google are about as high as the chances of this guy thinking for more than 5 seconds before he posts something...)

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Did Apple Lie to Mac Gamers?

From Extremetech
Let's begin with Electronic Arts. EA is most famous for its sports games and for disturbing allegations a few years back that it was running a gaming sweatshop of sorts, exploiting its employees and running them into the ground with whacked out work schedules and poor management practices.

Strangely enough, EA's labor practices weren't mentioned by Steve Jobs in his keynote this week.

(Shawn's Comment: WTF!? Why would they be? Did we hear about Intel's labor practices? id Software's? *Apple's*? No, of course not...)

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CNBC Interviews Scott McNulty

A link to Scott's stellar appearance is here. Don't let the introduction ("Not just AN Apple blogger, THE Apple blogger... no one more relied upon for information about this company") scare you off...

(Shawn's Comment: "no one more relied upon for information..." Excuse me? Who is? I've never even heard of this guy before. Maybe CNBC should do a bit of research before they write their copy)

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Electronic Arts, id Software Announce Commitment to Mac

"In what may have been the only unexpected announcement at Apple's annual developers conference..."

(Shawn's Comment: Really? You "expected" Safari for Windows, a new Desktop, Developing for the iPhone, etc? And to make matters worse, they guy who posted this ripped it off, in its entirety, from AppleInsider.com)

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Apple to Focus on Macs at Upcoming Developer Conference

From AppleInsider
When Apple chief executive Steve Jobs takes the stage at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference later this month, he's likely to confine his focus to the Mac platform.

(Shawn's Comment: DUH!)

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Study: 90% find iPhone Superior

From iLounge
A study done by Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Labs into consumer perceptions of the iPhone experience shows that 90 percent of respondents gave the iPhone higher marks than their own handset.

(Shawn's Comment: DUH...They had to *study* this? The grass is always greener yadda, yadda, yadda...)

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Analyst: MacBook Pro, iMacs at WWDC?

From MacRumors.com
Analyst Gene Munster published a report on his expectations for WWDC. Meanwhile, it appears Munster uses our Buyer's Guide as a source of information on updates.

(Shawn's Comment: That's right. because Gene, a highly paid, well respected analyst, wouldn't be able to collect his own data. here's an idea - why don't you just drop him an email and *ask* where he got his numbers from?)

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The iPhone Effect: Can Apple Save its other Products?

From Yahoo! Finance
What is going to happen to iPod sales (i.e., iPod Nano, video and the micromini version)? These Apple products will probably become irrelevant to a big chunk of Apple's target iPhone market upon its release. Consequently, a possible billion dollar loss for Apple might be triggered upon the introduction of the revolutionary gadget in the market.

(Shawn's Comment: Does this guy really believe the iPhone will cost Apple a *billion* dollar loss?)

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