Dell's XPS-15, the "World's Thinnest Laptop" - If You exclude other Laptops

Finally, the power you crave in the thinnest 15" PC on the planet*.

Wow, the thinnest? But wait, what's the asterisk?

Small print time: "Based on Dell internal analysis as at February 2011. Based on a thickness comparison (front and rear measurements) of other 15" laptop PCs manufactured by HP, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, MSI. No comparison made with Apple or other manufacturers not listed."

So that would make the XPS-15 the world's thinnest... apart from any thinner 15-inch laptops it wasn't compared against.

First Few Hours with the New AiryBook

My 11-inch MacBook Air is here.

These are just first impressions, off the top of my head, based on almost no use. If you're a Mac fanboy, save yourself some grief and don't read this piece. You won't understand it and you won't like it. If you ignore this warning don't complain to me!

1. There are tradeoffs.

2. The screen is seriously small. No Ethernet.

3. If I'm seriously expected to think of this as a netbook...

(Shawn's Comment: I stopped at the above point because I wanted to warn you first - if you have high blood pressure issues, do not read this post by the most aptly name pundit on the intrawebs)

Is Apple a Victim of its Own Success?

Apple's difficulty in satisfying the massive demand for its iPhone 4 has reportedly prompted frustrated consumers to consider purchasing alternative smartphone models.

(Shawn's Comment: Don't go looking for any evidence of the above statement - there is none in the rest of the article...)

DailyMail Quotes Fake Steve Jobs on iPhone Story

The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper has a story (since pulled but screenshots attached) claiming that Steve Jobs had confirmed an iPhone 4 recall was on the cards after issues with the phone’s antenna had surfaced.

And how did Jobs send out the "confirmation"? Why, on *Twitter*, of course...

Yet another example of journalists trying to get a story out first rather than trying to get it right....

Demand For Apple iPad May Be Higher Than Expected

Follow along with this guy's logic:

The demand for the Apple iPad may be like the iPhone and iPod.

New research from IDC says that ”27 percent of 18-34 year olds” are interested or extremely interested in purchasing the product.

Apple’s major hurdle to selling the iPad is probably price.

Apple may have to quickly cut prices the way that it did with the iPhone to keep consumer interest in the iPad high...


BNBC Bay Area Announces iPad won't Ship until April 12th...

"If you're one of the thousands of people expecting brand new iPad in the mail later this week, prepare to be disappointed...."

(Shawn's Comment: It's bad enough that bloggers don't bother to fact check but you know NBC is really going downhill when they can't be bothered to either...)

Apple: Simplicity taken too Far?

"Apple controls a large developer ecosystem today because it makes easy-to-use products that consumers love. Developers follow consumer wallets.
But if more open alternatives arise from Google and others, Apple's tight rein on developers will have to be relaxed or it risks seeing its market evaporate..."

(Shawn's Comment: Can you spot the faulty logic? If Apple controls developers because they have the customers, how can "more open alternatives" bring those customers to developers - if they are *Apple's* customers?)

iPhone App Review is a Sleazy web site...

Click on the graphic to see a full sized version and proof of how cheaply iPhone App Review will sell what little integrity they had...

Apple Bans some Apps for Sex-Tinged Content

Apple has started banning many applications for its iPhone that feature sexually suggestive material, including photos of women in bikinis and lingerie, a move that came as an abrupt surprise to developers who had been profiting from such programs.

A Sports Illustrated application tied to its annual swimsuit issue was still available for download on Monday, as was one from Playboy.

When asked about the Sports Illustrated app, Mr. Schiller said Apple took the source and intent of an app into consideration. “The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format,” he said.

(Shawn's Comment: That has to be the lamest justification for app removal. As John Gruber says, "I don’t see how it’s anything other than hypocrisy to say that Time Warner can have an app showing swimsuit models and others cannot....to allow Sports Illustrated and Playboy to publish it and others not? That’s bullshit.")

Apple's Mysterious Slate: Betting the Company One More Time

One of the more interesting things that we know for sure about Apple's big event this week is the venue. Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, rather than hosting it at its Cupertino headquarters. To me, what this signals is that Apple isn't quite sure of this product and wants to distance itself, in a way.

Palm CEO/Former iPod Head: “I’ve Never used an iPhone”

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has never used an iPhone, and his company doesn't pay that much attention to Apple. Long term Apple Observers may remember that Mr. Rubinstein is a former executive vice president of Apple where he brought the iPod to market and was the first head of the division that was subsequently created around the device.

He made the comment in an interview with Kara Swisher of AllThingsD during last week's CES trade show in Las Vegas, which was posted Friday at the media outlet's site. When asked how he views Apple as a competitor in the smartphone market, Mr. Rubinstein said, "We don't pay that much attention to Apple….I know it sounds really strange."

It must have sounded strange to Ms. Swisher, because she flat out said that she didn't believe him. He insisted, however, adding, "I don't have an iPhone. Actually, I've never used one."

Today’s Grammar Lesson: Rob Enderle

It’s generally not worth one’s time to point out that Rob Enderle is wrong about something. Enderle, for those of you who don’t know, is one of those “technology analysts” who gets paid to “consult” on the current trends and future directions of the technology industry. Why anyone would pay for his services is beyond me. Enderle is so frequently wrong about the market, misguided in his predictions, and fallacious in his analysis that I’d need to start a whole new website just to accurately catalogue the various mistakes he’s made and lies he’s told over the years.

Enderle posits that the negative press surrounding the JooJoo is going to badly damage the Apple Tablet’s reception, because Apple’s “secret sauce” is its ability to make us look at products with fresh eyes, and Apple has never released a product so close to the poor debut of a very similar product.

If you can’t see why that analysis is hilariously wrong, I strongly doubt that you and I are friends.

Apple unlikely to Launch Game Console before 2015

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told TG Daily that Apple is unlikely to launch a game console before 2015. According to Pachter, Apple is "way behind Microsoft" and may not be able to "ever" catch up.

(Shawn's Comment: OK - that guy should be *immediately* fired. For one thing, Apple already has a "game console" - it's called an "iPhone". Maybe he's heard of it? All the kids are raving about it...)

Linux is the Real Reason behind Apple's Snow Leopard Pricing

While it might seem irrational to say that Linux is driving Apple's pricing decision, I find it hard to believe that it is anything else. A price of $29 as reported by David Pogue in the New York Times looks like it is aimed directly at free Linux instead of the much more expensive Windows world.

I see the $29 upgrade for Snow Leopard as a shot across the bow of Windows users who might be thinking about switching to Linux.

Apple's Netbook Foray will Flop

Like a moth to a hot trend, Apple (AAPL Quote - Cramer on AAPL - Stock Picks) will fly into the netbook flame and get burned.

The company will unveil a 10-inch touchscreen tablet computer sometime this year, say analysts.

Steve Ballmer: “Tides Have Turned” against Apple & the Mac

The tides have turned against Apple in the computer market, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The comments from Mr. Ballmer came at the McGraw-Hill Companies’ 2009 Media Summit in response to an interview question about the momentum Apple is perceived to have.

According to TechFlash, Mr. Ballmer responded, "Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction. The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be."

Apple asks Company to Stop using ‘Podium’ Name

Lawyers representing Apple’s intellectual property interests sent a cease and desist letter to Procreate over its use of the names Flypod and Podium for its products.

The letter states that Apple is concerned that consumers will be confused by the use of the term “Pod” in the product names, and that people may think that Apple is somehow associated with the products. Apple contends that the term “Pod” has been used extensively by consumers as an abbreviation for its iPod.

The Podium is an iPhone stand that Procreate makes for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G. The company doesn’t understand why Apple is targeting its product name.

My List of iPhone Grievances

Now that the cat’s out of the bag that Apple will be showing “advance preview of what we’re building” in iPhone OS 3.0 a scant week from today, let’s review some of the most popular iPhone ommissions/grievances or whatever you want to call them. Here are mine, in no particular order:

Copy and paste
Push notifications (*promised in June 2008)
Camera improvements: video, flash, more MP, image stabilization
Voice dialing (have to use Vlingo)
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
Keychain support
Landscape keyboard
Tethering over Bluetooth
Flash playback

Pre to Win iPhone Users after Contracts, McNamee Says

Palm Inc.’s new Pre smart phone will lure customers away from Apple Inc.’s iPhone when subscribers’ contracts start expiring in June, Palm investor Roger McNamee said.

Sprint Nextel Corp., the phone’s exclusive carrier, and Palm have said they will start selling the device in the first half of the year. Palm, which pioneered mobile devices with its Pilot products more than a decade ago, is counting on the Pre to help reverse six straight quarters of losses totaling more than $650 million.

The Pre features a full touch-screen cover that slides up to reveal a Qwerty keyboard, designed to appeal to both iPhone fans and traditional smart-phone users. Speculation about the price and the release date has circulated on the Web since Sunnyvale, California-based Palm unveiled the Pre in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Think about it -- If you bought the first iPhone, you bought it because you wanted the coolest product on the market,” said McNamee, 52. “Your two-year contract has just expired. Look around. Tell me what they’re going to buy.”

Can Tony Apple Stores survive a Down Economy?

How do I know Apple stores are high rent? I live in Southern California, and every Apple store within 50 miles of me is in a tony, upscale neighborhood. A new store, for instance, opened in September near my home in the swankiest shopping center in the area--bar none. No Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Circuit City could touch this real estate.

Ditto for the East Coast. The Apple store nearest the town where I grew up is in one of the snazziest shopping spots in suburban Philadelphia. (The clusters of $40K-$50K cars is a giveaway.)

So, the coolest, hippest, greenest (though the latter is debatable) computer company is arguably the most elitist.

Here's the challenge: As consumers think hard (or not at all) about computer purchases, Apple is going to be more pressed than ever to deliver inspired, compelling designs to keep people flocking to its stores (and flock they still do).

Remember all those Gateway Computer stores? It started with a few here and there and then everything went all at once. The same thing happened to CompUSA and Circuit City. So, for Apple, the canary in the coal mine are its stores.

Apple Computer Sales Slowing, No Discounting on Mac Books, Yet

Over the past week, The Channel Checkers surveyed 15 Apple stores to track sales of iPod and Macs along with business trends at Apple stores in the U.S. We asked if the stores were discounting iPods in February and 73% said they were not while 27% said they were discounting some models specifically iPod Nano’s. The top selling computer was said to be the Mac Book Pro according to 73% of respondents. 66% of respondents told us they had sold fewer computers in the past month while the other third thought sales of computers were rising in February versus January. Despite the appearance of a slowdown in Apple computer sales, only 13% of respondents said they were discounting Mac’s while 87% said they were not, suggesting demand is strong enough to maintain full pricing.

Minority Report: Rumour Mill killing Apple

Long one of Apple's greatest assets, the rumour mill is now a major liability for the Mac maker, says Seb Janacek.

The feverish interest used to sustain the company during the downtime between product releases and Steve Jobs keynotes.

The company last attended the New York Macworld event in 2002 and late last year, it announced the 2009 Macworld would be the last one it attended. Why is Apple cutting down? The rumour mill which orbited around them has spun out of control and is now damaging the company by setting expectations way too high ahead of events.

(Shawn's Comment: The stupidity of Mr Janacek is almost mind boggling. To posit that Apple is pulling out of Expos because of the rumor mill is stupefyingly idiotic)

CES 2010 to gather iPod, iPhone Developers at iLounge Pavilion

Working together on behalf of the iPod and iPhone community, iLounge and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today announced the historic official launch of the iLounge Pavilion, the first unified pavilion area for iPod and iPhone products to be offered at an International Consumer Electronics Show. Debuting at the 2010 CES, this pavilion will for the first time give iPod and iPhone vendors their own dedicated, prominent stage at the world’s largest trade show for consumer technology.

Apple showing up at CES means it hates You

Apple showing up at CES makes a lot of sense. Where better to hype a product than the Consumer Electronics Show?

(Shawn's Comment: Apple showing at CES makes *no* sense - why would they show in that mess when they can produce their own events?)

Macworld Expo May Disappear, But Steve Jobs' Keynotes won't

Fear not, Steve Jobs fans: Apple's abandonment of Macworld Expo doesn't mean that Stevenotes are gone forever.

Much has been made in the tech press about this nugget, mostly focusing on Jobs' health.

To this we say: C'mon. Are you serious? Do you really think Apple would cancel its attendance at all future Macworlds because Jobs isn't up to one speech?

Apple asks Workers to take Time Off

SFGate reports that Cisco Systems will close most of its US and Canadian offices for four days—Dec 29 through Jan 2— as part of a plan to cut $1 billion in costs in the current fiscal year. The company forecasts that sales will fall 5 to 10 percent in the current quarter as the credit crisis chokes off corporate sales.

Stronger still is HP's plan to close its offices for two weeks instead of the traditional one. Further, Apple and Adobe reportedly are also asking workers to take time off.

Jobs on Firewire: "You don’t need it"

Responding to an email about the inability to use Firewire HD camcorders with the new MacBook and iMovie, Jobs (more likely one of his minions) replied:

Actually, all of the new HD camcorders of the past few years use USB 2

(Shawn's Comment: Look at the supposed email from Jobs:

Do you see anywhere in that email where Jobs said, as the headline to this non-story claims, "You don't need it"? Once again, Jason O'Grady pulls BS out of thin air just to make a point)

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft's 'Head Coach'

"PCs are better than Macs. That is not something that can be debated."

"...have you ever seen a cheap Mac? No."

"Do Macs work in business? No, they do not."

"I'm very sensitive to exactly what mouse I have on my laptop. Can you find a range of choices? Of course you can't find a range of choices."

"...can you find the applications you want on the Mac? Well, you don't really get full Microsoft Office."

"Apple started doing stores because nobody wanted to sell their PCs."

"The number-one-selling smart phone is the Symbian, the number two is Windows Mobile, the number three is the Black Berry, and then number four is the Apple."

Microsoft: Mac Buyers pay Apple Tax

You mentioned that Vista is 60 percent less likely to be a victim of virus than XP SP2, but how does that compare with viruses on the Mac?

Brooks: You know, it's hard to get a direct comparison, Ina. I want to be very specific in any kind of the data or the information that I give you there is that you're running one system versus another. The best way to really look at it is based on the Internet services, and what's really going on out there in terms of things like phishing or other types of scams that can actually happen through your browser or Internet experience. That really is much more of a direct comparison.

University Study Confirms 43% of Women prefer Mac over PC

In a random sampling of seven college students attending a lecture at one British Columbia university, conclusive evidence has revealed that 43% of college women prefer Apple's wildly popular Mac laptop over PC's. An eighth woman present remained neutral on the subject pretending to be more interested in the lecture than our research.

It's unfortunate that our inability to capture a wider photograph seriously impaired the final results of what was planned to be a comprehensive study.

Our team is currently collecting data for an innovative new study involving Macs and super models. We're anticipating the results to be quite favorable for Apple. The truth is out there.