My name is Napoleon (my friends call me "Nappy") and I am an Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri). I've somehow managed to make friends with two very nice humans - Shawn and Lesa - who are very kind to me and are going to let me indulge in my wanderlust.

You see, being a penguin, while glorious, does have its disadvantages. The main one being travel.

Oh sure, we can walk all over Antarctica and swim in the sea but, we can't visit Paris. Or Los Angeles. Or the Mediterranean. So, if you're a penguin like me (and I assume you are otherwise, why would you bother reading this?) and have an urge to get out and see the world, being flightless and living at the bottom of the planet presents sometimes insurmountable challenges.

I say "sometimes" because I have managed to leave my homeland (I won't say "escaped" because I love Antarctica!) and will be traveling as much of the world as my flightless wings and tiny feet can take me!

This promises to be quite an adventure - certainly for me but I also hope you, my fellow penguins, will join me virtually. Who knows - maybe I'll get to meet some of you in the Real World.