Original Pocket Farkel Dice Game - Miniature Set - Colors May Vary

cover of Original Pocket Farkel Dice Game - Miniature Set - Colors May VaryASIN or ISBN-10: B000BW13CQ
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The Original Pocket Farkel Miniature Set can truly fit in your pocket. The game tube measures 2 tall and 1.5 wide, or about the size of a film canister. It includes 6 miniature dice that measure across, and game instructions. One of the world's best dice games, Pocket Farkel is a fun, fast-paced, high-score game that takes just two minutes to learn. You roll six dice, remove only the dice you want to use for points, then re-roll the remaining dice. Some scoring dice must be removed after every roll. If you can eventually make all six dice count for score, pick them all up and keep going. If none of the dice you roll count for score, you lose your turn and any points you made during that turn. The first player to score more than 10,000 points, wins. Six dice plus feeling lucky equals Pocket Farkel! For 2 or More Players, Ages 5 and Up. PLEASE NOTE: dice color may vary, and specific color selection is not currently available.