3Pod Orbit 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Ballhead

cover of 3Pod Orbit 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip BallheadASIN or ISBN-10: B01AX2ZCCU
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The 3POD PISTOL GRIP BALLHEAD is a favorite of professional photographers. Portrait Shooters, Landscape Artists, Still Life Photographers, and even Product Photographers love the ease of use and adjustment afforded by a grip-head. The 3POD Orbit Tripod is a full service photo and video tripod, featuring fully adjustable legs and shaft, as well as the Orbit Overhead Shot System, which allows the shaft to rotate outwards from the legs, for low angle, overhead, and other specialty shots. Grip-heads allow photographers to easily yet precisely compose an image, even with a heavy camera and lens combination. Simply squeeze the grip to allow the ballhead to be adjusted, and when you have your desired composition, release the grip, to firmly lock the ballhead in place. Since the gripping and adjusting are all done with the same hand, it leaves the other hand free to zoom, focus, balance the camera, or make other adjustments. The speed of one handed adjustment makes the grip head a favorite of photographers with time constraints, like wedding and portrait photographers, and the ease of use makes it the choice of photographers who want to focus on their subject, not their equipment. The 3POD Pistol Grip Ballhead has some great advantages and features that make it a winning choice. Traditional grip heads came in the "joystick" configuration, with the ball on the tripod, the grip straight up in the air, and the camera mounted on top of that. The proble