Chatting During the LIVE Wednesday Night Broadcast, IRC Style

The WWB (World Without Borders) Java Chat that we have enjoyed using and being a part of over the last 10 years is experiencing some technical difficulties and server issues and at this point we're not sure if it will be available to use in the future. For those of you who are missing the direct contact during the live Wednesday night broadcasts and want to try out IRC (Internet Relay Chat), here's some information on how you can join in on the fun.

The server is and the channel is #yourmaclife (our sincerest thanks to the guys at for hosting our IRC chat).

Two of the more popular IRC Chat clients for the Mac are IRCLE and Snak. There are a few others and I'm sure if you do a search on Version Tracker you'll find them.

To add a server in IRCLE:

1. Open the connections window (command-k).
2. Select an unused connection that you want to add the new server to.
3. Hit the edit button.
4. Next to where it says Server at the top, press Select then Add on the next window that pops up.
5. In the server box enter Leave the port as 6667. The Network is up to you. Since we're a private network, we're not listed. If
you want you can leave it at whatever it defaults to or select *none at the bottom of the list. Press OK. The server you just added should be
highlighted, if not scroll through the list until you find it. Once again press select.
6. In the main connection preference window enter your nickname and username that you would like to use.
7. When you're done, hit OK and save your preferences so you don't have to enter all the information next time.

To add a server in Snak:

1. Open the profile list (command-k).
2. Chose Add in the lower left.
3. Press Add under network and enter a name for the network (ie. YML or whatever you'd like).
4. Under server press Add and enter for the server name. Leave the port as 6667 and add a comment if you'd like. Press OK.
5. Next you should be presented with a dialog big allowing you to edit your nicknames and username. Once you're happy with the settings hit OK again and you're set. Snak automatically saves your preferences when you quit so there's no need to manually save them.

Once you've downloaded one of the more popular chat clients, and have added the netmug server, you should register a nickname ('nick'). Registering your 'nick' aids in identifying you to the server quicker for future visits and ensures that no one else can sign on with your (hopefully) unique nickname. To register your 'nick' (ensuring first that you're connected to the new server) type this:

/msg NickServ [at] services [dot] netmug [dot] org REGISTER (password) (email address) - minus, of course, the brackets. ;-)

(This is done while you are in an IRC channel* with the nick you've chosen, so choose wisely - something original; if you've chosen a fairly common nickname before attempting to register it, during the registration process you may find that it's already registered and you'll have to choose another 'nick'.)

*To join the YML IRC channel (in Snak anyway, which is what I've used for years), go to the menu and click on File and then Join channels; where indicated, type in #yourmaclife

That should do it! ;-)

We wanna thank everyone at World Without Borders for their continued support and use of their WWB java chat all these years, and without a doubt our good friend "Trish, my favourite Trish" has made it a real fun experience. If we hear anything about the future of the WWB Chat we'll be sure to let you all know.

In the meantime, we hope to see ya in IRC!