This tweet from my fellow Loop writer, Dave Mark encapsulates what I couldn't. There's nothing in Your Mac Life I want to talk about tonight. There's nothing happening of any real importance in the Mac/Apple world that can compete in my headspace right now with (all of this). This is the first time in my life I've ever felt this way. I just can't get up the mental energy to do a good show this evening.
I'm sorry.

Father's Day Contest!

In honour of Father’s Day (but anyone can win!), the nice folks at Nomad (I’m a HUGE fan of their Base Station and Universal cables!) are giving up a $100 Gift Card for their products - thanks Nomad.

Contest runs to June 24th! Entering the contest is easy - if you are a subscriber to Your Mac Life, you've already got an entry in the contest. If not (WHY NOT!?), then go to the top of this page or click on this link.

BTW, the folks at Nomad are still offering a "Free Cable for the Planet".

AirPods Pro

Apple's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to score some Apple gear for yourself or that special someone this holiday?

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