How to clone Your Mac Hard Drive with Carbon Copy Cloner

If you're swapping out your hard drive for a new one, the best thing to do is clone the old one first. Cloning a drive simply creates an exact sector-to-sector backup copy of your drive's contents from one single point in time. It's a perfect image of the original, including all OS files. So when you swap out your old drive for the new one, you don't have to tweak or reset anything.

For cloning a hard drive on a Mac, I highly recommend a free utility called Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC). Here's how to use CCC to clone a hard drive on your Mac.

10 Good Minutes on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' authorized autobiography received a new (and better) title this past week so we spent some time on YML talking about Jobs, the book and our individual meetings with him.

Quicken won't Run on Lion - Here's 10 Mac Finance Apps that Will

OS X Lion isn't out yet, but it could be hitting the Mac App Store as soon as next week. For many Mac users, the decision on whether or not to upgrade to Lion is boiling down to one incompatible app -- Quicken for Mac. We've been hearing from our readers for several weeks that Quicken is the sticking point.

Why not take this time to move away from Quicken altogether? Here are suggestions for other apps that will take your existing financial data into the world of Lion.

Create a bootable Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Flash Drive

Apple has announced that with the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the operating system will be available only via download from the Mac App Store. Past versions of the Mac OS X operating system have always been available for purchase on a bootable DVD and with some systems like the MacBook Air, they’ve been included on a bootable USB drive.

To create your own bootable USB device using your own flash drive (note that the device must be at least 4GB or larger), follow these instructions.

Interview with Brian Lemelman, President and CEO of Third Rail Mobility

Always on the look out for cool tech and gadgets, we heard from Mike Rose of TUAW about a very interesting backup battery for the iPhone 4.

A few phone calls later and Your Mac Life was talking to Brian Lemelman, President and CEO of Third Rail Mobility.

Brian talked about the company and their very interesting "Third Rail System". We hope you enjoy the interview. You can even win your very own Third Rail System by answering this trivia question: "When was Third Rail Mobility founded?" Send your answer in the subject line of an email to "contest at yourmaclifeshow dot com".

Click this link to listen to the interview directly but, even better, subscribe to Your Mac Life on iTunes and get all of our interviews downloaded automagically.

Alternatives to MobileMe for iWeb Sites

After Apple’s recent confirmation of the worst fears of iWeb users – that the hosting of iWeb sites as part of MobileMe will disappear on 30 June 2012 - many readers of my “Take Control of iWeb ’09” ebook contacted me to find out where they should move their sites. There are a couple of options, depending on how serious your site is, and whether or not you have a custom domain.

Get Your Mac ready for Lion

Now that Apple has released to developers the golden master of Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)—typically the final non-public version before the official release—speculation is mounting as to when the next major version of OS X will hit the street. But the golden master signifies something more important on a practical level: It’s time to start getting our Macs ready for Lion.

Apple is advertising Lion as the easiest-to-install version of OS X yet, and that may be true. But there are still a few things you can do right now to ensure that your Mac is ready for 10.7 when the update finally arrives.

Third Rail zaps iPhone Case Market with Detachable Battery Pack

The US$89.99 Third Rail system includes the iPhone 4 case and a single 'Smart Battery' bundled together, although both components will also be available separately ($39.99 for the case and $59.99 for additional batteries). The case is straightforward black, and it fits snugly on the iPhone 4 with a bit of effort.

Spotify coming to the U.S.: How Free will It Be?

The European streaming music service, Spotify, has announced that it’s officially coming to the U.S. Travel to Spotify’s website and you’ll see these words:

“The award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores. Millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone. Any track, any time, anywhere. And it’s free!”

The key question is “How free?”

Steve Jobs in 1994: The Rolling Stone Interview

The story of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is one of the most familiar in American business -- shaggy Bob-Dylan-loving kid starts a computer company in a Silicon Valley garage and changes the world.

But like any compelling story, it has its dark moments, and they're not limited to the recent announcement that Jobs will be taking leave from Apple for health reasons. Before the iPad or the iPhone, Jobs, then the head of the short-lived NeXT Computer, sat down with Rolling Stone's Jeff Goodell. It was 1994, Jobs had long ago been booted from Apple, the internet was still the province of geeks and academics, and the personal computer revolution looked like it might be over. But even at one of the low points in his career, Jobs still had confidence in the limitless potential of personal computing. Read on to get Jobs' prescient take on PDAs and object-oriented software, as well as his relationship with Bill Gates and why he wanted the internet in his den, but not living room.

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This week's show "'iSteve" and Lion"

'iSteve" and Lion

This week on Your Mac Life, sponsored by TabGrip, Smile, Circus Ponies and PowerMax: 'iSteve" and Lion

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Brace for Apple's Shift from MobileMe to iCloud

Every few years, Apple has the need to change the name and overhaul the functions of its hosted mail, synchronization, and file-storage service.

It started as the free iTools site in 2000, shifted to the paid offering called .Mac in 2002, and pivoted — in a remarkably bad initial execution — to MobileMe in 2008.

Now, in 2011, Apple launches iCloud and starts a MobileMe phaseout. Free in its basic form, iCloud has two add-on fees some users will pay. Let's hope this switch goes better than the last.

The Cube: Apple's Daftest, Strangest Romance

Ten years ago on Sunday, Apple called it quits on one of its oddest products ever, the G4 Cube. The Cube was a strange and wonderful machine that continues to fascinate today - but it was widely perceived to have failed. Some people thoroughly enjoyed the failure, thinking it served Apple right.

But the Cube was different. The Cube looked like Buckminster Fuller talked; the Cube looked like it might have fallen to earth from an advanced civilisation, eager to escape orbit and looking to throw some ballast overboard. Or like a millionaire had given a mad bloke on a bus an unlimited budget.

10 Good Minutes on "Being Social"

With this week's announcement of Google+, yet another "social media" tool, we take a look at what "being social" means in the 21st century and how each of the boys views their social media lives.

Why Apple built Final Cut Pro X

I worked on Final Cut Pro from 2002 to 2008. It was an amazing experience. The Final Cut Pro X project was just getting started when I left Apple. It was an ambitious and controversial move, but it made sense for Apple. Here's why....

Apple doesn't care about the pro space....

Apple responds on Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a breakthrough in nonlinear video editing. The application has impressed many pro editors, and it has also generated a lot of discussion in the pro video community. We know people have questions about the new features in Final Cut Pro X and how it compares with previous versions of Final Cut Pro.

Here are the answers to the most common questions we’ve heard.

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This week's show "iPhone, FCPX and Yet More Social!"

iPhone, FCPX and "Yet More Social"!

This week on Your Mac Life, sponsored by TabGrip, Smile, Circus Ponies and PowerMax: "iPhone, FCPX and "Yet More Social"!"

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Publish your iWeb Site on Dropbox

Now that MobileMe is on the way out, Hints reader vincent860524 wanted to be prepared for its eventual demise. Specifically, he wanted to figure out an alternative way to publish his iWeb projects online.

His solution: Store his sites Dropbox.

Know Your Rights!

Your computer, your phone, and your other digital devices hold vast amounts of personal information about you and your family. This is sensitive data that's worth protecting from prying eyes - including those of the government.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects you from unreasonable government searches and seizures, and this protection extends to your computer and portable devices. But how does this work in the real world? What should you do if the police or other law enforcement officers show up at your door and want to search your computer?

EFF has designed this guide to help you understand your rights if officers try to search the data stored on your computer or portable electronic device, or seize it for further examination somewhere else.

Control Your PC from Your iPad With Remote Desktop Apps

For all its great apps, the iPad has quite a ways to go before it'll be ready to replace a desktop PC. But that doesn't mean you can't leave your laptop at the office and travel light. Given a sufficiently stable Internet connection, your iPad can control your PC from anywhere.

There's no shortage of remote desktop apps to choose from in the Apple App Store. Dozens of apps promise you the power to drive your PC from a distance. We rounded up four of the leading downloads--Citrix GoToMyPC, LogMeIn Ignition, Splashtop Remote Desktop, and Wyse PocketCloud Pro--to see which one delivers the best blend of control, performance, and convenience. Here's what we found.

Last Word on Lion and Application Compatibility

At the risk of beating a dead chestnut, I’ve received several inquiries regarding applications and their likely (or assured) compatibility with Lion. Rather than chew up precious email bits and forum threads, let’s wrap up this “Will my applications run under Lion or not?” package with a colorful bow.

What does the guy who led the original Final Cut Pro revolution think of the Final Cut Pro X release?

"Everything just changed in Post."

Yes it did!

In case anyone is interested in my take on the release of Final Cut Pro X, here it is.

First, let me say this first article is just about the release, and not about the software itself. I promise that henceforth I will focus on the actual FCPX software and forget all the hullabaloo.

But this article is about Apple’s business strategy (or lack thereof), my industry perceptions, and looking back a bit to see if we can predict the future.

All about MobileMe Box Refunds and Subscription Cancelations

This article explains the process for MobileMe box refunds and subscription cancelations, including how you know if you are eligible, what documentation is required, and refund processing time.

Bill and Ian Mock Shawn

Sometimes, bits on the show take on a life of their own. Last Wednesday was one of those instances.

During a discussion about syncing, Bill and Ian....well....GO OFF....on Shawn for his backwardness when it comes to syncing and the Address Book. To get the full effect, you have to watch the video feed and scroll forward to 1:36:20, then sit back and watch as hilarity ensues...At one point, it looks like Ian is trying to smother himself...

But, as a tease, here is the audio only version of the segment. ENJOY!

What’s happening to MobileMe?

The core services provided by MobileMe have been rewritten to work seamlessly with iCloud. MobileMe will no longer be available as a paid sync service. If you had an active MobileMe account as of June 6, 2011, your service has been extended through June 30, 2012, at no additional charge. After that date, the MobileMe service will no longer be available.

Following is a list of MobileMe services and whether they will be available or not in iCloud this fall:

New YML Segment: "10 Good Minutes"

On last Wednesday's YML show, we debuted a new segment called "10 Good Minutes" where Ian, Shawn and Bill will discuss one topic for 10 minutes. These will get posted to the iTunes Store as a separate podcast and are available here on the YML site. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed of "10 Good Minutes"! We'll let you know once the podcast gets approved on the iTunes Store.

We hope you enjoy them and, as always, we'd love to hear what you think - email us at onair at

"10 Good Minutes: Segment 1 - iPhone 5 Rumors"

"10 Good Minutes: Segment 2 - Time Capsule"

"10 Good Minutes: Segment 3 - Final Cut Pro X"

Patents don’t Equal Products

Last week, The Loop had a story titled Apple patent could prevent you from filming in some venues”. I commented on the story, as I have on other web sites and on several mailing lists, that people should relax.

I said, “Patents don’t equal products. This ‘technology’ is easily circumvented by your average point and shoot camera. Non-issue. Non-story.”

My friend Mike Rose over at TUAW picked up the smoldering embers of this torch and wrote “Apple’s infrared ‘camera kill switch’ patent application hits a nerve”.

But I’ll repeat myself — “patents don’t equal products.”