Clock is Ticking on Apple's Boot Camp Beta


Those considering setting up a Windows partition on a Mac using the test version of Apple's Boot Camp might want to pay close attention to the licensing terms that accompany the beta software.

According to the terms, which are posted on Apple's Web site, the software is licensed only until Apple comes out with a commercial release of Boot Camp, or until September 30, whichever comes first.

The rub is that Apple has not said whether it will issue a final version of Boot Camp for Tiger users, though there have been rumors that Apple will offer a paid Tiger version of Boot Camp.

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Why Apple's Customer Base is so Loyal and Enthusiastic

From Blackfriars' Marketing

Pundits often refer to them as "zealots" or "fanboys." The more polite references include "Mac loyalists." I am, of course, talking about Apple's more vocal customers, those who will defend the company and its products in any debate going on around them. What is it that drives their passion for most things Apple? Is it a deluded mind, warped by the Reality Distortion Field that Steve Jobs so successfully wraps every new product in? In short, the answer is no.

The truth behind the scenes is not that Apple has a large group of customers that are too dedicated and passionate about their products, or the company as a whole. The reality is far more simple and obvious: Apple simply has a large group of very satisfied customers — and that's the secret ingredient left out of nearly every analysis or op-ed piece that mentions these "zealots."

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SpamSweep 1.5

From Macworld

Pros: Very easy to set up and use; works with just about any e-mail client.

Cons: No options for configuring lists or filters; no IMAP support.

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Hey Apple! Fix the Green Button Already!

From The Apple Blog

Sometimes it zooms, sometimes it maximizes and sometimes it just does wacky stuff that no one can really explain. The green button in all OS X windows has been a nuisance since the public betas and it’s (long past) time Apple fixed it.

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Can You tell the Difference...

... between a 128k AAC file and the original?

Here's the song Young Pilgrims by The Shins. Linked are two versions of the song, "A" and "B". One is the original and one has been compressed. It's your job to tell me which one is which.

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RadTech Introduces Ultra Compact Bluetooth Headset

From MacObserver

RadTech announced the immediate availability of the BT400GL in-ear Bluetooth headset on Wednesday.The ultra-compact headset weighs 8.5 grams, includes DSP noise suppression, 350 hours of standby time, and over 15 hours of talk time, includes three different sized ear pieces, and a portable charger/cradle with a vibrating alert. In addition to working with Bluetooth enabled phones, it also pairs with Bluetooth capable Macs and works with audio chat applications like Skype and iChat.

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MGM Films Now on the iTunes Store

From Yahoo!

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) and Apple announced that MGM is now offering titles from its prestigious catalog of feature films for purchase and download on the iTunes Store. Beginning today, iTunes customers will be able to purchase legendary films such as "Dances With Wolves," "Mad Max," "The Great Train Robbery" and "Rocky," with other titles to be added in the coming weeks. MGM has the largest modern film library in the world and has received 208 Academy Awards in its history, making it one of the biggest award winning collections of films in the world.

"It's exciting to be bringing so many amazing films from our catalog to iTunes," said Douglas A. Lee, MGM's executive vice president of Worldwide Digital Media. "We have an unrivaled movie library and are looking forward to adding even more films in the future so users can take their favorite movies with them wherever they go."

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Some Facts about AAC

From Daring Fireball

I’ve noticed a slight uptick in misinformation about the AAC audio format. It could be coincidence, but I suspect it’s a result of Apple’s recent push towards selling DRM-free music on the iTunes Store. There are some people who have long insisted that Apple’s grand scheme for the iPod and iTunes hinges on proprietary file format lock-in, and I think what they’re doing now is grasping for some way to continue making this argument.

Last week’s announcement with EMI put those arguments to rest.

But why did these lock-in arguments gain so much traction in the first place?

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Apple TV Commercial Airs

From iLounge

Apple late yesterday began airing the first television commercial for the Apple TV. The 30-second spot, which has already run on several networks, features a scene from the Jack Black movie “School of Rock” with a voice over saying, “It’s on your computer. It’s on your iPod. Now, it’s on your TV.”

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Griffin Tempo Armband for iPod shuffle

From iLounge

Pros: A simple, reasonably priced second-generation iPod shuffle armband that’s well made and capable of holding a shuffle sideways on your arm while you run. Visually neutral single color scheme and design.

Cons: Unlike closest competitor, offers no iPod shuffle front, top, bottom, or side body protection whatsoever; nothing more than an arm mount. Not recommended for use in rainy or heavy sweat conditions.

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My Share of 100 Million

From Playlist

Yesterday Apple announced it had sold over 100 million iPods.

Damn, that’s a lot of iPods.

I’m not one to brag, but without my help, Apple might have had to wait nearly another .0000136 seconds for its Official iPod Odometer to reveal that important ninth digit. I’m writing, of course, about my collection of iPods, the glories of which I will now recount.

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Apple Updates New Base Station Firmware

From Macworld

Apple has posted a firmware update for its AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n, to bring it to version 7.1. The new update can be downloaded from Apple’s Web site; users will also be notified of its availability if they launch the AirPort Utility software that comes with the device.

This release of the firmware “includes general fixes, compatibility updates, and security improvements for the AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n,” according to Apple.

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Analysis: iPod Success won't Stop at 100 Million

From Playlist

Generally, Apple has very little use for anniversaries. Recent milestones—like 2006’s 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, the Mac’s 20th anniversary in 2004, and the iPod’s fifth anniversary last fall—passed without much official to-do from the company. But when Apple sold its 100 millionth iPod recently, the company made sure not to let the occasion go by without comment.

And for good reason, tech industry analysts say: “Obviously it’s a big threshold for Apple and industry,” said Tim Bajarin, president of high-tech consulting firm Creative Strategies. “ This clearly reinforces Apple’s dominance in the market.”

“I don’t think anybody knows what it takes to knock them [Apple] off,” Bajarin said. “They are in a leadership position that is not threatened by anyone.”

With the latest would-be iPod rival, Microsoft’s Zune, failing to make much of a splash—recent media reports have the Zune losing market share between December 2006 and February 2007—the only questions facing Apple as the iPod surges past the 100 million mark seem to be how the company managed to sell so many devices in the past five-and-a-half years, and whether there’s still room to grow.

Painter & Photoshop

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An iPod for Every Kid? Are they !#$!ing Idiots?

From the Detroit News

We have come to the conclusion that the crisis Michigan faces is not a shortage of revenue, but an excess of idiocy. Facing a budget deficit that has passed the $1 billion mark, House Democrats Thursday offered a spending plan that would buy a MP3 player or iPod for every school child in Michigan.

No cost estimate was attached to their hare-brained idea to "invest" in education. Details, we are promised, will follow.

Their plan goes beyond cluelessness.

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Congratulations Apple!

100 Million iPods Sold!

Drobo 'Robot' Automates Server Storage

From Electronista

The new Drobo by Data Robotics is promoted as the "world's first storage robot." In reality it is actually a hard drive enclosure, but with the unusual ability to automatically detect and format up to four 3.5-inch SATA drives of any capacity. Perhaps more importantly, the Drobo handles a number of maintenance tasks automatically, such as creating redundancy, and sensing and repairing data corruption. When attached to a Mac or PC via USB 2.0, the computer sees the Drobo as a unified drive. Colored LED lights indicate the status of each bay: yellow for instance indicates low space, while flashing red indicates failure. An empty Drobo enclosure costs $699.

(Shawn's Comment: Saw this at Photoshop World. Looks kinda cool)

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Apple iPod's First Virus Detected

It seems like iPod users should now be extremely careful as Security vendor Kaspersky Labs has recently announced it has detected the first virus designed to infect iPod portable media players.

(Shawn's Comment: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!")

...users need not be too concerned as this is simply a concept program which does not pose a real threat. The virus can only function when Linux is installed on the iPod.

(Shawn's Comment: "Oh...")

If Podloso is inserted by the user, it installs itself to the folder which contains program demo versions. It cannot be launched automatically.

(Shawn's Comment: So you have to install this "virus" yourself?)

The good news is the virus cannot automatically spread and infect other devices without users installing it first.

(Shawn's Comment: Not much of a "virus" then is it? But thanks for scaring every one needlessly...)

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The Girls of YML

Remember how, on a previous show, Lesa and Sly promised not to talk about Shawn while they were in San Francisco?

They failed.

But, to their credit, they only failed after a few glasses of wine. Unfortunately, they failed in public.....and it was captured on video.....

Lesa has the videos (one on the way up the Gondola to the Sterling Winery so they are sober and one on the way down - let's just say they were less sober than before and apparently, they have some language issues so this video is rated PG-13) posted on her Travel Blog site.

Enjoy - I didn't.....

This Wednesday's Guest List

On this week's show we've got Rick Champagne, product manager for Corel Painter and Photoshop CS3 product manager John Nack. These are two of the "deepest" applications in the Mac Universe and I'm going to need your help. I know you've all got a thousand questions about these apps so please send them along ahead of time to <onair [at] yourmaclifeshow [dot] com> and we'll do our best to get them on the air!

Apple Stokes a Digital Music Standards War

From BusinessWeek

The Apple-EMI accord marks a fundamental change in the digital music landscape, a feat Apple is pulling off with increasing regularity of late. If I were an employee of Microsoft and involved with its confusing digital-music efforts, built around its highly DRM-protected WMA format, I'd be sweating right now.

But one of the truly remarkable aspects of the pact is how Apple is pulling it off.

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Best Buy to Expand Mac Sales in 2007

From Ars Technica

During its quarterly earnings conference call, Best Buy announced that it will be expanding its pilot program to test Mac sales. The retail giant was initially selling Mac hardware in just 50 of its stores, but later added another 45 stores to test Mac sales late last year. The company said during the call that it expects to sell Macs in roughly 200 stores by the latter half of this year.

Best Buy president Brian Dunn said on the call that "we'll be expanding our relationship with Apple in 2007." This announcement comes just a couple weeks after Best Buy announced that it will be carrying the recently-released Apple TV as well. An expansion of the pilot program likely indicates that Mac sales have gone well in the piloted stores thus far and Best Buy is merely taking baby steps before deciding to do all-out Mac sales in all of its retail locations.

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Tonight's Show....

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Apple, Record Labels Hit with Anti Competition Probe

From iPodObserver

A European Commission probe is looking into allegations that Apple Inc. and the major record labels are violating competition regulations throughout Europe. News of the investigation was released while Apple and EMI were announcing a deal on Monday to sell copy protection-free songs through the iTunes Store, according to Financial Times.

Apple, Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony BMG are supposedly violating European laws by preventing users in one country from purchasing music from the iTunes Store in a different country.

The office of the European Union competition commissioner stated that Apple's practice of limiting iTunes Store sales on a country by country basis "violate the [EU] treaty's rules prohibiting restrictive business practices."

Apple representatives added "We do not believe the company did anything to violate EU law and we will continue to work with the EU to resolve this matter."

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RadTech Announces Acclaro, ProCable and RetractCable for iPod shuffle

RadTech™, makers of digital lifestyle accessories and more, today announces the immediate availability of new accessories for the Apple second-generation iPod shuffle in the company’s Acclaro, ProCable and RetractCable product lines.

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Google Desktop for Mac Released

From Macworld

Google on Wednesday will release Google Desktop for Mac, marking the first time the search giant will make its desktop tool available to Mac users. Mac users already have a search tool with Apple’s Spotlight, but Google said its utility will work alongside the Mac OS X 10.4 feature perfectly.

“We designed Google Desktop for Mac to be a companion for Spotlight,” said Rose Yao, Google Desktop for Mac Product Manager. “Google Desktop searches users’ Web history and you can set it up to search Gmail too.”

Google Desktop will also utilize any Spotlight plug-ins users have on their systems. There is no need for developers to have to rewrite plug-ins specifically for Google. The application also respects Spotlight’s privacy list and will not search those items.

Using Google Desktop quick search is kind of like launching a Widget without the need to go into Dashboard, according to Google.

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Apple Unveils 8-core Processing on the Mac Pro

From Macworld

Apple on Wednesday updated its desktop Mac Pro computers adding two new 3.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, bringing 8-core processing to the Mac. The new machines can run the 3.0GHz Intel Xeon processors and are available as build to order options.

Using two “Clovertown” 3.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors, the 8-core Mac Pro comes with 8MB of L2 cache per processor (16MB total), 667MHz DDR2 ECC fully buffered DIMM memory, eight FB-DIMM slots on two memory riser cards (four slots per card) supporting up to 16GB of main memory and 1.33GHz, 64-bit dual independent frontside buses. The Mac Pros have a double-wide, 16-lane PCI Express graphics slot with the option to install an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT with 256MB of GDDR2 SDRAM, one single-link DVI port, and one dual-link DVI port; an ATI Radeon X1900 XT with 512MB of GDDR3 SDRAM and two dual-link DVI ports; or an NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 with 512MB of GDDR3 SDRAM, two dual-link DVI ports, and one stereo 3D port.

There are many configuration options available to build an 8-core machine from the Apple Store, but at the high-end of the processor spectrum, the cost will run about $3,997.

DRM Free Video from iTunes Unlikely

From iLounge

Following this week’s announcement of DRM-free music from EMI in the iTunes Store, many are calling for a similar plan to offer DRM-free video at the store. Jobs’ stance on video DRM, however, differs greatly from his views on music. During the EMI conference call, Jobs was asked about the potential for a similar DRM lift on video. “Video is pretty different from music right now because the video industry does not distribute 90 per cent of their content DRM free. Never has. So I think they are in a pretty different situation and I wouldn’t hold it to a parallel at all,” Jobs responded.

Due to Apple’s 10 percent share of US music sales, it has a good position to negotiate with the music industry. This is not the case when it comes to video, where Apple has yet to prove itself. “No movie studio would ever support the iTunes store if it was clear that Jobs would be pushing them to remove DRM,” said James McQuivey, a principal analyst at Forrester Research.

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Changing Tunes

From Forbes

When Steve Jobs speaks, everyone listens. And when the Apple boss does open his mouth, it's on his terms: only during Apple-sponsored events, almost always in his Cupertino, Calif.-based company's backyard, and rarely with anyone else.

So when Jobs showed up at EMI Group's London headquarters Monday morning to sit next to EMI chief Eric Nicoli, the message was clear: The two companies were up to something big.

And they are. Sort of.

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