Apple, AT&T Stores prepare for iPhone Frenzy

With a little over two weeks until the iPhone hits store shelves, Apple and AT&T retail sales representatives say they are preparing for a quick sellout and huge crowds on the June 29 launch date.

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Apple Removes "2 Year Plan" Disclaimer from iPhone Ads

From iLounge
Apple has removed the small disclaimer stating “Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan” from the end of all online iPhone ads. The revised ads began appearing online sometime yesterday evening, and have now apparently replaced the older ads appearing on televisions nationwide. What this means for the rumors that the iPhone would be available with prepaid service, or whether the text was simply removed without a change in policy, is not clear.

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Recording of Last Night's Show?

Every now and then, you do something so stupid as to completely befuddle even yourself. Tonight was one of those nights.

I deleted last night's show. :(

It doesn't matter how I managed it but I did. I'm trying to get an updated copy of Data Rescue so I can try and recover it but the show may be lost to the ether forever.

Did anyone happen to "capture" it live? If so, please send me an email (shawn at ASAP!

The Profile of an iPhone Line Waiter

From Ars Technica
We've beaten nearly every topic to death relating to the iPhone. How many people are going to switch? Who's going to buy one? Do they own iPods or not? But one question has yet to be answered: Who is going to be one of those poor saps waiting in line come June 29?

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Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.5 Released

From MacMinute
Runtime Revolution has announced the release of Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 4.5, a major upgrade to its typing tutor for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Changes in this release include: Vista compatibility; improved iTunes integration; enhancements to the networking and class management capabilities; new and improved Spanish language translation; and numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.

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the iPhone will...

"iPhone to Flop...Then Fly"
The iPhone will flop...and then it will soar. Anyone who doesn't know this isn't paying attention.

Apple's iPhone Will Fly . . . Then Flounder
Once the initial fever wears off, U.S. sales will disappoint.

(Shawn's Comment: I think they are *both* wrong. The iPhone will start off and continue to be a hit for at least the next 2 years))

Unreleased iPhone Ad?

Service brings iTunes Music to any Mobile Phone

From PlayList
Even before Apple’s much anticipated iPhone hits the shelves later this month, users of many different kinds of phones can listen to their iTunes music, via a new service from Seattle company Melodeo.

Anyone can use the beta version of NuTsie, launched on Tuesday, by signing up and then exporting their iTunes playlists to NuTsie. Users don’t actually upload their music files, only the metadata of the files which identifies the songs. After receiving an application via text message to their phones, they can start listening to their playlists.

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Warner Music Japan Catalog Now Available on Japanese iTunes Store

From MacDaily News
Warner Music Japan and Apple today announced the addition of the Warner Music Japan catalog to the iTunes Store in Japan. The Warner Music Japan catalog brings top J-POP and international artists to the iTunes Store including Ayaka, Bonnie Pink, Green Day, Kobukuro, Linkin Park, Madonna, Mariya Takeuchi, My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M. and Rip Slyme. The leading J-POP duo Kobukuro are making their music available online for download for the first time ever and the exclusive world premiere of Ayaka’s new video for the hit track “Jewelry Day” is debuting on the iTunes Store.

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Apple Adds Killer Feature to iPhone

From Crazy Apple Rumors
Sources in Apple’s iPhone development group have revealed that in addition to acting as a phone, an email client, a web browser, a mapping platform and a portable entertainment system, the iPhone will also dispense beer.

The company has added a small tap to the side of the iPhone that will, when pressed, release the frosty, refreshing beverage that has been enjoyed since the time of the Pharaohs.

“This could be the holy grail of mobile connectivity,” said Shawn King, host of Your Mac Life. “To be able to access my beer on-the-go… I can’t even think of a reason why I’d go home again."

“Oh. Well, to see my wife, of course. Right. Uhh… love you, honey!”

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Sly's Website of the Week - June 6, 2007

Trying to bring some culture to the Website of the Week this week (am I *CRAZY*?!?). ;-)

Check this out: 500 years of female portraits in Western art in three minutes. Very impressive transitions.

And it's true…the eyes really are the windows to the soul; focus in on the eyes of each portrait…it’s funny how almost all seem to be the same after a while, yet still manage to tell adifferent story.

Hope you enjoy.


The Free iPod Book 3.0 Released by iLounge

From MacMinute has published the third edition of its free iPod and iTunes tutorial. The 230-page tutorial features a look at available iPod and iPhone accessories, tips and tricks, detailed information on the upcoming iPhone, and Apple TV guide, and much more.

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Apple Offers Free iPod nano in "Major in Mac" Promotion

From iLounge
Apple has launched a new promotion for college students and faculty, called Major in Mac, which offers a free iPod nano with the purchase of any new Mac. To take part in the promotion, participants must purchase a qualifying Mac and qualifying iPod on the same sales receipt between now and September 16. While the promotion is aimed at the iPod nano, both nanos and fifth-generation iPods qualify for the promotion, which offers a $199 rebate after purchase. Claims can be made both online and through the mail.

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NetNewsWire 3.0 Adds Mac App Support, More

From MacObserver

NewsGator Technologies announced the immediate availability of NetNewsWire 3.0 on Tuesday. The new version of the RSS reader application added support for Spotlight, iCal, Address Book and iPhoto. NetNewsWire can automatically detect items like contact information and calendar events in news feeds and automatically add them to Address Book and iCal, or email authors, and it can also add images to iPhoto.

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Macworld Expo 2008 Opens Call for Papers

From Macworld
IDG World Expo has announced that its Call for Papers for next January’s Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, Calif. The Call for Papers invites speakers to submit applications as conference faculty for the next show. Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 takes place January 14 - 18, 2008 in San Francisco, Calif.

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Apple bumps MacBook Pro Faster CPU, Memory, Graphics

From Macworld
Apple introduced a refresh to its line of MacBook Pro laptop computers, raising CPU speeds, memory capacity and improving graphics performance across the line. The new systems can accommodate up to 4GB of RAM and feature CPU speeds of up to 2.4GHz.

These new MacBook Pros are the first Apple laptops to feature Intel’s “Santa Rosa” chipset, said Apple vice president of worldwide Mac product marketing David Moody. That’s increased the systems’ bus speed from 667MHz to 800MHz and also explains why the new MacBook Pros can allocate an extra gigabyte of RAM.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pros are also the first Apple laptops to feature mercury-free, LED-backlit displays that Apple CEO Steve Jobs first hinted at in an open letter in May discussing Apple’s environmental efforts.

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iPhone Hysteria

From Datamation
Ah, more iPhone news, and of course, the Internet is a-twitter over it. Apple has now given us a release date (June 29th), and a series of commercials showing off the iPhone. Of course, this is feeding the echo chamber that's been set up around the iPhone, with the usual two camps forming: "It's going to be the best thing since breathable air!" on one side, and "It's going to be the greatest failure since the Titanic! Jobs is going down!" on the other.

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5

From Free iTunes Downloads
Download this free podcast now and watch as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are interviewed live together at the D5: All Things Digital conference. In this historic conversation, Jobs and Gates are asked to comment on each other's greatest contributions to digital technology, as well as what they perceive to be their lives' legacies.

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Fever Builds for iPhone (Anxiety Too)

From The new York Times
A person briefed on Apple’s plans said that at its software developer conference (WWDC) this month, Apple intends to announce that it will make it possible for developers of small programs written for the Macintosh to easily convert them to run on the iPhone.

Software, Mr. Jobs said last week, is what would make the difference.

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3 New iPhone Ads

Coming June 29th, 2007.

Why is the Mac OS more Secure than Windows?

From eWeek
PC users should forget their outrage and come to understand that life isn't fair. The Mac platform is more secure than Windows and will continue to be so.

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DivX for Mac 6.7 Now Available

From MacMinute
DivX has announced the release of DivX for Mac 6.7, the latest version of DivX software for the Macintosh platform. The new version of the DivX for Mac software bundle includes: DivX Player 2.0 (free, full-screen playback of DivX video; now Universal Binary; support for playback of DivX VOD movies; French, German and Japanese versions); DivX Codec 6.6 (up to 12% faster decoding for smoother playback; 10% faster encoding in “Insane” mode; up to 7% better compression for HD capture in "Fastest" mode): DivX Converter 1.2 has been updated to use DivX Codec 6.6; DivX Web Player 1.3.1 now includes “Desktop Dimmer”; and various bug fixes.

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Apple Revamps Special Deals Site

From MacObserver
Apple's Special Deals page at the company's online store received a face lift this week that makes it easier to find products. The special deals site, dubbed Apple Outlet, still offers deals on refurbished Macs and iPods, and also includes a Clearance Items section and Big Deals section.

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Beatles Online Deal seen for 2008 - Harrison Widow

From Reuters
A recent settlement to a lengthy trademark dispute between Apple and the Beatles' company, Apple Corps Ltd., has cleared the way for the band to distribute its catalog in cyberspace.

But Olivia Harrison told Reuters, "We just have a few things to work out elsewhere."

Asked if the catalog would be available online by the end of next year, she said, "Oh God, yeah. Hope so ... I don't know if it would be the end of this year, but it would be nice. Imminent, let's put it that way."

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Apple to Focus on Macs at Upcoming Developer Conference

From AppleInsider
When Apple chief executive Steve Jobs takes the stage at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference later this month, he's likely to confine his focus to the Mac platform.

(Shawn's Comment: DUH!)

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Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge


Somehow, I managed to *not* include Jeremy's interview on last week's show. My apologies to him and to our audience. It is linked below to listen to or download:

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Last Day in Austin!

Apple Issues QuickTime 7.1.6 Security Update

From MacObserver
Apple released a security update for QuickTime 7.1.6 on Tuesday that addressed two potential Web-based security vulnerabilities. Both involve visiting Web sites that execute maliciously-crafted Java applets.

The security update blocks a QuickTime for Java threat that could potentially allow an attacker to install or manipulate objects outside of the bounds of the allocated memory heap and run arbitrary code. It also blocks a second QuickTime for Java threat that could allow an attacker to view sensitive information stored in computer memory.

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