McCartney Missing from iTunes -- for Now

From PlayList
Why is the ex-Wings frontman appearing on other online music services but not iTunes? Apple isn’t saying. But if you consider another recent iTunes-related announcement, it isn’t very difficult to figure out why.

When are EMI’s DRM-free offerings set to appear on iTunes? Sometime during May—the same timeframe as McCartney’s catalog. And, incidentally, Paul McCartney’s music is published by EMI.

It’s not a terrific leap of logic to assume that both offerings—DRM-free songs and Paul McCartney tracks—will make their iTunes debut simultaneously. As far as musical mysteries are concerned, this one is a lot easier to figure out than who the walrus was.

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25 Inventions years that Changed Our Lives

From USA Today
We're a nation of inventors in garages and corporate labs, creating new gadgets and services that delight us and occasionally drive us crazy.
USA Today chose inventions that changed our lives since 1982. (iPod comes in at #8)

(Shawn's Comment:"Changed Our Lives"? That's kind strong for what amounts to a bunch of gadgets, don't you think?)

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Listener of the Week!

"Comics Pundit - The never-ending conversation on Life, Liberty, and Sequential Art with Shawn Levasseur."

From Rockland, Maine, Shawn comments on news and politics (from a Libertarian perspective), media, culture, comic books (having a library of over 15,000 of them), and technology (with a focus on Apple Macs, his preferred operating system).

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Sly's Website of the Week - May 23, 2007

We have extreme fighting and extreme sports but:


And here's a quick link to the Extreme Ironing Gallery, just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you.

What's next, extreme "tiddlywinks"?!? ;-)


Analyst: MacBook Pro, iMacs at WWDC?

Analyst Gene Munster published a report on his expectations for WWDC. Meanwhile, it appears Munster uses our Buyer's Guide as a source of information on updates.

(Shawn's Comment: That's right. because Gene, a highly paid, well respected analyst, wouldn't be able to collect his own data. here's an idea - why don't you just drop him an email and *ask* where he got his numbers from?)

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Steve Jobs Introduces the "1984" Ad

Analyst: Apple Stock likely to Rise after iPhone, WWDC

From MacObserver
Many investors rely on the "buy on the rumor, sell on the news" strategy, but that isn't likely to pay off with Apple, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. The company's stock typically rises after big events, and two are scheduled for June: Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, and the iPhone launch.

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State of the Mac: Know the Warning Signs

From Macworld
As reliable as Macs may be, some do break down—just like televisions, microwaves, and most other electronic devices. But your Mac has an advantage that most other products don’t: it may be able to warn you before a problem escalates from minor annoyance to complete disaster. It can also help you figure out which of the many hardware components that make up your Mac is causing a difficult-to-diagnose symptom. You can try these preventative steps at home.

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Minor MacBook Changes mean not-so-minor Boost

From Macworld
The latest update to Apple’s MacBook line provides an impressive, if not earth-shaking, boost to the popular consumer laptops. Credit the jump in performance over the previous edition of the MacBook to Core 2 Duo processors with slightly faster clock speeds as well as new hard drives.

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''It's All Geek to Me'' and Developing for the Mac

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This week on Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology, The MacBU, RadTech, SmileOnMyMac and Circus Ponies - "''It's All Geek to Me'' and Developing for the Mac"

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The iPhone Effect: Can Apple Save its other Products?

From Yahoo! Finance
What is going to happen to iPod sales (i.e., iPod Nano, video and the micromini version)? These Apple products will probably become irrelevant to a big chunk of Apple's target iPhone market upon its release. Consequently, a possible billion dollar loss for Apple might be triggered upon the introduction of the revolutionary gadget in the market.

(Shawn's Comment: Does this guy really believe the iPhone will cost Apple a *billion* dollar loss?)

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iPod Mic Shootout

From O'Reilly
The iPods made after 2005 (except the Shuffles) boast 16-bit, 44.1kHz stereo recording. But is it really possible to record CD-quality audio on your iPod? To find out, I tested three popular add-on mics: the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo, Griffin iTalk Pro, and XtremeMac MicroMemo.

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Replace FreeHand with Freeverse’ LineForm

From The Apple Blog

Whether you’re mourning the news of Adobe EOL’ing FreeHand (in favor of Illustrator), or just in the market for a great vector graphics application, Freeverse is throwing you a nice, juicy bone. Until June 1st, you can use the coupon code, “freehand” to knock $30 off LineForm’s $79.95 price tag.

If you’re not familiar with LineForm, go ahead and acquaint yourself with the free trial.

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AT&T Eager to Wield its iWeapon

From USA Today

Denny Strigl, Verizon's chief operating officer, decided to pass on the iPhone deal and says he has no regrets. Given Apple's cultlike following, however, Verizon isn't taking any chances. Strigl says Verizon is already working with a manufacturer — he declines to say which one — on an answer to the iPhone.

"We do have a very good response in the mill," he says. "You'll see that from us in the late summer."

(Shawn's Comment: Ummm...yeah....we'll all just sit here, holding our breaths, waiting for that one...)

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Future Sonics Professional Earphones Debuts

From MacMinute
Future Sonics announced its Atrio Series in-the-ear earphones. The company says the earphones, now available to the public on a limited basis, uses the same TrueTimbre technology designed for professional musicians. The Atrio Series earphones are available in two models -- the m5 edition in black and the m8 edition in cobalt blue. Both models are priced at US$199.

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Apple's Color-Blind MacBook Marketing

From Macworld
According to one article I found, this is standard industry practice — But being an standard industry practice doesn’t mean it’s right. Of course the manufacturers of 6-bit displays would want to claim that their products could display 16 million colors instead of 262,000.

A lot of Apple’s customers are extremely color-sensitive design and graphics professionals. Even if it turns out that the display industry’s standard practice is legitimate, Apple owes it to those customers to more completely disclose what they’re getting when they buy an Apple computer or display.

Let’s hope that this situation makes Apple see the light — all 16 million odd colors of it.

Apple's Color-Blind MacBook Marketing

Suit against Apple Claims False Advertising on Displays

From Macworld
Two Mac users claim that Apple misrepresented the amount of colors its laptops can display in a newly-filed class-action lawsuit against the computer maker. Specifically, the suit alleges the notebooks are only capable of displaying the illusion of millions of colors through a technique known as dithering.

In dithering, nearby pixels use slightly varying shades or colors “that trick the human eye into perceiving the desired color even though it is not truly the color,” according to the lawsuit.

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‘Lost’ iPod Game Now Available on iTunes

From iLounge
Apple has released a new iPod video game based on the hit TV series “Lost.” Published by Gameloft S.A., the game lets users “Help Jack search for dynamite, tend to the wounded, and avoid the black smoke. Relive the crash scene, open the hatch, and ultimately try your best to escape from the Others.

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Mac Firewall Security Flaw in Adobe CS3

From Macworld UK
An alert from the experts at Secunia warns that Adobe Version Cue disables a Mac's firewall when it is installed. It does so in order to set certain ports up for "controlled access through the firewall", the experts said. The probelm is that the installer doesn't re-enable the firewall once installation is complete, leaving certain system services vulnerable to attacks.

There is a simple fix to the flaw, which is rated as "less critical" – users simply need to re-enable their Mac OS X firewall in System Preferences once installation is complete.

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Apple's Hype Phone

From PopMatters

Last week the FCC finally approved the iPhone and it should be on the market by June. I am putting a sell on Apple, the company that created the iPhone.

Steve Jobs at MacWorld this January dramatically announced, “From this day forward we’re going to be known as Apple Inc. We’ve dropped the `Computer’ from our name.” With those two sentences, Jobs has effectively pronounced the desktop computer dead.

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PPUG Summer 2007 Meeting Announced

From Macworld
PPUG (Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group) will hold our annual summer meeting on Saturday, 16 June 2007. The meeting will take place from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Manayunk Brewing Company.

(Shawn's Comment: Cool! Now there's a MUG meeting I'd attend on a regular basis!)

We usually have lunch (and/or a brew) while we talk mobile computing. Jason O'Grady (founder of PPUG and will be on hand to talk about latest developments in the Macospere including the newly shipping iPhone (Jason will be bringing his)...

(Shawn's Comment: Really? And where is Jason going to get this device? How does he know it will be shipping by then? And why is this "iPhone unveiling" information only available on Jason's page and not the official PPUG page?)

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One Year as an Indie Mac Developer: What I've Learned

From Code by Kevin
I haven't gotten rich from software development. In fact, the income I've earned so far might qualify as a nice supplement to my main income, but isn't yet enough to provide my living. However, by at least one measure--"only the lucky/smart few make >$100 per month"--my software business qualifies as a success, albeit a modest one. In that light, I'd like to share a few insights that have helped the growth of my business.

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Much Ado about Apple’s iPhone

From The New York Times
Few mobile phones have created more buzz before becoming a reality than Apple’s iPhone — even in Europe and Asia, which will not see the talked-about handset for many months.

Apple says that sales of iPhones will begin in the United States in late June, in Europe later this year and in Asia next year. But the company has been silent on how the iPhone will be distributed in Europe, prompting speculation about operator alliances and retail partnerships.

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Reduce Microsoft Word Launch Times

From MacOSXHints
I got tired of waiting for Microsoft Word to finish optimizing its font menu every time it started up, but never tired enough to do something about it. Today, I finally did.

Turning off WYSIWYG font and style menus has greatly reduced my Word startup times. To do so, go to Word » Preferences (or press Command-,). In the General section, deselect WYSIWYG font and style menus -- it's third from the bottom. Voila! Faster Word.

(Shawn's Comment: I just did this tip and, sure enough, Word launches *much* faster)

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Western Digital Debuts 250GB Notebook Drive

From Macworld
Western Digital announced that it’s shipping its 250GB Scorpio, a 2.5-inch hard disk drive mechanism intended for notebook computers. It costs $199.99. The drive uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) to achieve the high bit-density. Western Digital has also employed special features to make the drive quiet, use less power and run at cooler temperatures. It spins at 5400 RPM.

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Stylus Pro 3800: New Benchmark for 17" Printing

From Macworld

I have also been testing Epson’s latest high-end photo printer, the Stylus Pro 3800. As is the case with nearly all of Stylus Pro printers that I have used over the past decade, the 3800 turns out impressive prints on many different media types. It has a few quirks that are worth mentioning, but they don’t really overshadow the 3800’s print quality, which remains the hallmark of Epson’s high-end printers.

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Apple Guru on the Magic of Electronics

If there's one person who perfectly personifies Maker Faire, it could well be Steve Wozniak.

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Apple Camp taking Reservations

From Ars Technica
For me, camp mostly brings back memories of malicious insects and poorly constructed wallets. If only my parents could have taken me to Apple Camp instead. Open to anyone ages 8-12 who is within driving distance of an Apple Retail Store, Apple Camp is a great way for kids to spend an afternoon getting some experience working with Apple's set of media authoring tools.

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"I Met Megadeth!"

Lesa meets her own Guitar Hero, Dave Mustaine.

Needles to say, she was a *little* excited.

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