iPhone Comparative Review

From WirelessInfo.com
Welcome to our comparative review of the Apple iPhone; a feature-by-feature matchup against the LG Prada, Treo 750, Blackberry 8800, Helio Ocean, and Nokia N95.

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Can't Fox News get *Anything* Right?

Shawn King, from the unknown town of Newport, Conn., displays his devotion to Apple as he waits for the iPhone outside the Fifth Ave. store.

(Shawn's Comment: The Fox people were there all day. The town is *Westport* and I sure as hell wasn't "displaying my devotion to Apple"!)

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First Look: 5 Fast iPhone Impressions

From Macworld
An early adapter shares his first thoughts on a few iPhone features

(Shawn's Comment: My 1st Macworld.com article!)

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Fans turn out for 'rock star' iPhone

I'm going to run home and ring people just to say 'Guess what, I've got an iPhone, bye!'

(Shawn's Comment: Yes - I did say that. :) )

Are These iPhone Crates?


Shawn and J on the Brian and Mike Show

Brian is going in New York City this week hanging out at the Apple Store waiting for the new Apple iPhone and he'll be meeting up with Shawn and Lesa. In the meantime, check out the instant replay audio of us hanging out with Shawn and J at Macworld Expo 2006.

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ScamBusters.org Predicts the Top 7 iPhone Scams

From ScamBusters
Apple's iPhone is one of the most anticipated -- and hyped -- products ever. And with any huge product launch, the scammers come out in droves. So, if you want to make sure you don't get ripped off, you've come to the right place.

Here are our predictions for the top 7 iPhone scams.

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iPhone Premieres Friday Night at Apple Retail Stores

From Apple
This Friday, June 29, at 6:00 pm local time, the revolutionary iPhone goes on sale at the 164 Apple retail stores nationwide, all of which will stay open until midnight. Customers can purchase up to two iPhones on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Learning to Fake It: How I created the fake headlines used in David Pogue's iPhone video

On last night's show, I talked about how to create fake newspaper, magagzine, and web site headlines. The techniques are super easy and can be done in either Elements or the full-blown version of Photoshop. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Hope to see some YMLers in line down at the 5th Ave Apple Store later this evening!

Exclusive iPhone Scoop and Dish with Mac Expert Shawn King

From "Three Things You Should Know"
In show 25 we bring you an exclusive pre-release interview with Mac expert Shawn King, who got up close and personal with an iPhone last week. Shawn, host of the widely acclaimed Your Mac Life Show, tells you some surprising things, both good and bad, about the phone that has people lining up days early to purchase one.

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Archives for June 27th, 2007

Streamed Audio Only Archive - http://yourmaclifeshow.com/QT/YML070627s.mov (Open QuickTime, type Command-U and type in the address)

Our guests on Wednesday's show were:

- David Pogue, New York Times Technology columnist

- Lesa King, Graphic Reporter

- Peter Cohen

You can subscribe to Your Mac Life on the iTunes Music Store - just click here!

Listener of the Week!

Dave Merten aka BMER - Founder/MUG Ambassador/President. MacOSG.com

Dave has been an invaluable help to Your Mac Life in setting up our video feeds - without him, you woulddn't be seeing our smiling, happy faces during the show!

Because of Dave's help, we can now announce the Your Mac Life video page is up and live! Go to one of these links:

Live during the Your Mac Life show

Our videos from the 5th Ave Apple Store iPhone Launch

Head over to MacOSG.com and give Dave a big thanks!

Apple Confirms iPhone VPN Support, Headset Charging Dock

From iLounge
Apple has posted a new iPhone Questions and Answers page, which confirms several iPhone security features, as well as displays a photo of a new variant of the iPhone Dock, which charges both the Apple Bluetooth Headset as well as the iPhone and will reportedly be included with the headset. The iPhone will allow users to protect their iPhone with a four digit password, which is then required whenever iPhone is turned on or wakes from sleep, as well as offer support for virtual private networking (VPN).

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FireWire Headed for Slow Decline

From Macworld
A new report from In-Stat says that IEEE 1394, known to Mac users as FireWire, is heading for a slow decline in the face of major challenges from other interfaces and a stagnating market share.

FireWire, long a staple of Macintosh computers, is a high-speed serial interface that's been used to connect digital camcorders, hard disk drives and other devices. Although the FireWire standard has seen evolution with IEEE 1394b, also known as FireWire 800, In-Stat analyst Brian O'Rourke said FireWire "suffers from being the second-choice technology in many market segments."

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Apple Debuts "Works with iPhone"

From iLounge
Two and a half years ago, Apple introduced “Made for iPod,” an iPod accessory licensing and testing program that provided manufacturers with iPod hardware specifications and an official Apple seal in exchange for a royalty on badged products. Today, Apple has announced a new iPhone-specific program called “Works with iPhone,” and stated that “[p]roducts that are engineered and certified to be compatible with the iPhone will carry the ‘Works with iPhone’ logo on their packaging.”

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Sly's Website of the Week - June 27, 2007

Don't worry if you can't make it to an Apple or AT&T Store to pick up an iPhone this Friday.....this week's website of the week offers an alternative:

Introducing, The jPhone!

(It only offers services 6 days a week though.)


Disclaimer: Before anyone writes and says they're offended, please don't. The submitter's own religious persuasion is also that which is featured in the video; it is most certainly only meant in fun. :-)

David Pogue tries to Keep the iPhone Secret

Pogue's iPhone video is pretty damn funny - and not just because the King Family stars in it or Lesa created the graphics or Shawn shot it and edited it or....

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5th Ave Apple Store and Your Mac Life

Your Mac Life is heading down to the 5th Ave Apple Store on Thursday!

We're not just going to line up waiting to buy an iPhone - we're going down there to shoot *live* audio and video, interview folks in line and to giveaway a ton of prizes!

The folks at Speck were the first out of the blocks by sending us their iPhone Holster-Pro:

A stylin' little unit with a very clever "stand" built into the back for propping up your iPhone.

Not to be outdone, we will also have iPhone accessories from our sponsors, Griffin Technology along with products from Incipio, DLO and Orbino - with more to come!

So come on down and join us. You never know - you might walk away with more than just an iPhone!

iPhone in the Wild!

Shawn and Lesa have been lucky enough to use an iPhone:

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DiscLabel 4.3 Improves iDVD Support

From MacObserver

SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of DiscLabel 4.3 on Tuesday. The updated version of the CD and DVD label design application added the ability to import images from iDVD themes for use in DiscLabel layouts. The new version also enhanced the image effects features, and improved printing. DiscLabel 4.3 is priced at US$49.95, and is available for download at the SmileOnMyMac Web site. The update is free for version 4 users.

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I Love Matt Deatherage of MDJ

He quotes the AP as saying, "Even for a company that's mastered the art of product-launch hoopla, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled out all the stops to propel iPhone hysteria into the stratosphere."

He points out that Apple has released 6 iPhone press releases in 2007....

While the AP has done *17* stories in just 14 *days*.

AP? That's your owwn petard you're sitting on now.

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Apple, AT&T set 3 Price Plans for iPhone

From Macworld
Apple Inc. and AT&T Inc. said on Tuesday they will offer three price plans, starting at $59.99 per month, for the widely anticipated iPhone that is set to go on sale this week.

The iPhone combines a wireless phone with music and video-playing capabilities and Web browsing. It will be sold exclusively through AT&T for at least two years.

Individual monthly plans, based on a two-year service agreement with AT&T, will be priced at $59.99 for 450 minutes, $79.99 for 900 minutes and $99.99 for 1,350 minutes, the companies said, adding that family plans were also available.

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Odds given on iPhone Failure

From LiveScience
When the long-awaited iPhone hits store shelves this week, no doubt many Apple enthusiasts will adopt early as they've done in the past with other products from the company. But just how crazy it gets is anyone's bet.

In fact, BetUS.com figures the odds are 20-1 that someone will get trampled while scrambling to snag one June 29. The site has also put odds on how long the batteries will last and whether the devices will be recalled.

(Shawn's Comment: "Consumers are reported camping out waiting for an iPhone—3/1" Damn...I wish I had known about this site yesterday - I'd have bet the house on that and won - people *are* already lining up!)

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YML & the iPhone

Shawn finally got to see the iPhone today!

It's not what he expected - check out the pics for details...

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