Dear Apple: You’re not “Post-PC” until You Cut the Cord

On Wednesday, Steve Jobs took the stage and announced what he called “Apple’s third post-PC blockbuster”, the iPad 2. Don’t get me wrong: I’m loving everything I’ve seen about the iPad 2 and I plan on grabbing one next Friday when they become available, but watching the event from Wednesday, the use of the phrase “post-PC” was just blatantly incorrect.

(Shawn's Comment: While I disagree with the writer's last line ("If you don’t (cut the cord), I fear that Google is going to eat your post-PC market."), I do agree that calling the iDevices "Post-PC" is just marketing speak and hype.)

Don't cut the Cord

Thanks for your thoughtful article however although the option of using the cloud has some good features I never want to rely on the cloud to be the only source of my backups. I much prefer the system as it is with the option of using an iDisk equivalent if a user does not have a computer or chooses to operate that way. Apple is almost there with back-to-my-Mac and an enhanced ability to connect via the WiFi or cell phone service to my mac would be much preferable to me.

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